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  1. plebian
  2. quixotic
  3. inane
  4. precocious
  5. jocose
  1. a adj. extremely idealilstic; not practical
  2. b adj. joking, humorous
  3. c adj. developed earlier than usual, especiall mentally
  4. d n./adj. one of the common people; common or vulgar
  5. e adj. without sense or meaning; silly; empty

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  1. n. lightness of disposition; lack of seriousness
  2. n. hatred; the state of being hated
  3. adj. of or having to do with races or classes of people and their culture
  4. adj. speaking in a pompous style
  5. n. on who works only for money, especially a hired soldier

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  1. inscrutableadj. cannot be easily understood; mysterious


  2. furtiveadj. done in a stealthy or secretive manner


  3. emaciatedv. to try to be equal to or better than; to imitate


  4. emulatev. to try to be equal to or better than; to imitate


  5. feasibleadj. apparent; pretended; professed