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  1. ostracized
  2. levity
  3. enhance
  4. dole
  5. mercenary
  1. a n. on who works only for money, especially a hired soldier
  2. b n. lightness of disposition; lack of seriousness
  3. c v. to banish; to shut out from a group or society by common consent
  4. d v. to increase the value or beauty of something
  5. e v. to distribute; to give out sparingly

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  1. n. extreme exaggeration for effect and not meant to be taken literally
  2. v. to erase
  3. adj. apparent; pretended; professed
  4. adj. extremely thin, wasted away
  5. n. a religious belief opposed to the established doctrine

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  1. furtiveadj. reasonable, likely; capable of being carried out


  2. implacableadj. cannot be appeased or pacified


  3. parsimoniousadj. developed earlier than usual, especiall mentally


  4. duplicityn. intentional deceit in speech or conduct


  5. maritaladj. having to do with marriage