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  1. marital
  2. implacable
  3. extraneous
  4. dogmatic
  5. feasible
  1. a adj. reasonable, likely; capable of being carried out
  2. b adj. cannot be appeased or pacified
  3. c adj. having to do with marriage
  4. d adj. stating an opinion in an authoritative manner
  5. e adj. not belonging; foreign; nonessential

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  1. n. intentional deceit in speech or conduct
  2. n. a person skilled at telling stories or anecdotes
  3. adj. of or having to do with races or classes of people and their culture
  4. adj. inclined to rob or prey on others
  5. adj. joking, humorous

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  1. emaciatedadj. extremely thin, wasted away


  2. furtiveadj. done in a stealthy or secretive manner


  3. meticulousadj. extremely careful about small details


  4. inexorableadj. cannot be moved or influenced by persuasion or entreaty: unrelenting


  5. quixoticadj. stating an opinion in an authoritative manner


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