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Dr. Lawton is considered a healthcare ____ because he provides services and treatments to patients.


The ____ against Dr. Rosales was one of his former patients, Risa Jackson, who felt his staff had violated her privacy.


Byron knows that he is not allowed to ____ any information about a patient without a release from the patient for that information.


Sarah could ___ from what the patient said that he was nervous about his upcoming surgery.


STAT Medical Billing provides services to the Blackburn Clinic, so they are considered to be a _____.

business associate

Julia has difficulty understanding the ___ in which many federal documents and regulations are written.


Janease knew that she could _____ two employees from guilt because they were both at lunch when the incident happened.


The _____ on the privacy statement was hard for a layperson to understand, so Annette decided to rewrite the document.


Roberta was assigned to be the temporary ____ at the clinic while Maritza was on maternity leave.

privacy officer

The Office of ______ investigates breaches of laws that pertain to HHS.

Inspector General

The Office of ______ enforces privacy standards.

Civil Rights

Dr. Hughes had to prove _____ in that he made every attempt to notify the patient before mailing test results to her home

due diligence

The______ in a patient's record is private and must not be shared without a release from the patient.

individually identifiable health information

Health information that is transmitted in electronic form is called ______.

protected health information

The patient's information that pertains to his or her health is called _____.

personal health information

List six benefits provided by the HIPAA Privacy Rule to patients and/or providers.

a. Patients have more control over their medical records.
b. Patients are able to make informed choices regarding how their personal health information is used.
c. Boundaries are set on the use and release of health records.
d. Safeguards are established that healthcare providers must achieve to protect the privacy of health information.
e. Violators are held accountable, and face both civil and criminal penalties if patient privacy rights are compromised.
f. The Privacy Rule protects public health by striking a balance when public responsibility supports disclosure of personal health information.

Briefly explain the Title I provision of HIPAA.

Title I regulates insurance reform and limits the use of preexisting health conditions that in the past prevented or limited an employee from obtaining health insurance coverage.

Briefly explain the Title II provision of HIPAA.

Title II reduces administrative costs in the healthcare industry and deals with administrative simplification.

List six rights that HIPAA gives to patients.

a. The right to notice of a facility's privacy practices
b. The right to have access to, view, and obtain a copy of their PHI
c. The right to restrict certain parts or uses of their PHI
d. The right to request that communications from the facility be kept confidential
e. The right to request the facility to amend the PHI
f. The right to receive notice of all disclosures of their PHI

List six items of information that a Notice of Privacy Policies must include:

a. How PHI is used and disclosed by the facility
b. The duties of the provider to protect health information
c. Patient rights regarding PHI
d. How complaints can be filed if patients believe their privacy has been violated
e. Whom to contact at the facility for more information
f. The effective date of the Notice of Privacy Practices

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