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Which of the following would be the maximum growth temperature for a mesophile?
A) 55 C
B) 15 C
C) 80 C
D) 40 C


Which of the following does NOT use an inorganic source of carbon as its sole source?
a photoheterotroph
a chemoautotroph
a photoautotroph
a chemoautotroph and a photoautotroph

a photoheterotroph

Which of the folloing does NOT happen at the maximum growth temperature of a microorganism?
A) hydrogen bonds break
B) membranes become rigid and fragile
C) proteins become denatured
D) lipids become too fluid


The most commonly used isolation technique in microbiology laboratories is the __________.
pour-plate method
enrichment culture
streak-plate method
viable plate count method

streak-plate method

Media containing sodium thioglycollate are used for the growth of which of the following?
Gram-negative bacteria
Gram-positive bacteria
obligate anaerobes
fastidious microbes

obligate anaerobes

A spectrophotometer is useful for which of the following methods of measuring microbial growth?
metabolic activity
dry weight
most probable number


Which of the following techniques is most useful for measuring microbial reproduction when the density of a microbial population is very small?
membrane filtration
microscopic counts
viable plate counts

membrane filtration

Microbial growth is at its maximum rate during which of the following phases of the microbial growth curve?
Microbial growth is at its maximum rate during which of the following phases of the microbial growth curve?
death phase
lag phase
stationary phase
log phase

log phase

Nitrogen is a growth-limiting nutrient because cells need it to manufacture __________.
lipids and carbohydrates
proteins and lipids
carbohydrates and nucleotides
proteins and nucleotides

proteins and nucleotides

Which of the following toxic forms of oxygen is improperly paired with the detoxifying enzyme or molecule?
superoxide radical: superoxide dismutase
peroxide anion: catalase
hydroxyl radical: peroxidase
singlet oxygen: carotenoids

hydroxyl radical: peroxidase

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