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5th grade ecosystem vocabulary


a single organism in an environment


individuals of the same kind living in an environment


a community and its physical environment


the place a population lives in an ecosystem


the role of a population in a habitat


plants, they pass on the energy they capture from the sun in the form of living tissue


all organisms in the ecosystem that must eat to get the energy they need

food chain

shows how the consumers in an ecosystem are connected to one another according to what they eat


consumers that break down the tissues of dead organisms such as mushrooms and bacteria

energy pyramid

shows the amount of energy available to pass from one level of a food chain to the next


organisms engage in this type of "contest" for resources


a long-term relationship between two different organisms


a behavior that an organism inherits

learned behavior

behaviors learned from parents, not inherited from them


organisms that are nonnative to an area


when the last individual in the population dies, and the organism is gone forever


when an organism has a population so small that they are likely to become extinct


organisms likely to become endangered if not protected

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