Bile is concentrated and stored in the
Bile is stored in the gallbladder until
it is needed in the duodenum
The gallbladder is
a hollow muscular bag attached to the interior surface of the liver. (is about the size of a kiwifruit)
The biliary tree is a
series of ducts taking the bile from the liver to the duodenum
Bile is moved by
Bile ducts are
hollow tubes composed of inner circular and outer longitudinal layers of smooth muscle.
Bile ducts are lined
with epithelium containing mucus glands thrown into folds.
What colour is Bile
Yellow-green fluid
Bile is made by the
Liver hepatocytes.
Bile is made of
Bicarbonate, bile salts, bile pigments, phospholipids, neutral fats (triglycerides - fatty acids and glycerol), cholesterol, lipid soluble drugs and hormones.
Function of bile salts
Cholesterol derivatives. Emulsify fats, used in absorption of digested fats, and are reused.
function of Bile pigments
Bilirubin, from erythrocytes. Colour and deodorize faeces.
Function of phospholipids
e.g. lecithin used in absorption of fats
Bile enters the duodenum by
the common bile duct runs through the head of the pancreas. It joins the pancreatic duct to form the hepatopancreatic ampulla. The bile enters the duodenum through the hepatopancreatic sphincter.