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Which of the following enzymes is responsible for "unzipping" a DNA molecule in preparation for its replication?

DNA polymerase
DNA ligase
DNA helicase

DNA helicase

A haploid cell has __________.
more than one chromosome
only one chromosome
two copies of each chromosome
a single copy of each of its chromosomes

a single copy of each of its chromosomes

Which of the following characteristics of a chromosome would identify it as a prokaryotic chromosome rather than a eukaryotic chromosome?

It contains A, C, G, and T.
It is a circular molecule.
It contains double-stranded DNA.
It contains histones.

It is a circular molecule.

The process of copying DNA genetic information into the form of RNA is called __________.


Which of the following is NOT involved in the process of translation initiation?
release factors
ribosomal subunits

release factors

has a change in the DNA sequence, but the phenotype does not change.

A silent mutation

results in a different sequence of codons.

frameshift mutation

results in a codon for a different amino acid than was coded for in the original DNA.

missense mutation

mutation creates a stop codon where one did not exist before

nonsense mutation

Insertions and deletions usually lead to which of the following types of mutations?
frameshift mutations
pyrimidine dimers
base-substitution mutations
silent mutations

frameshift mutations

X rays and gamma rays cause which of the following types of problems in DNA?
frameshift mutations
physical breaks in chromosomes
base-pair substitutions
pyrimidine dimers

physical breaks in chromosomes

What was the significance of Frederick Griffith's experiments with Streptococcus pneumoniae?
He showed that strain R cells could easily take up capsules released by dead S cells.
He showed that the DNA from strain R cells could transform strain S cells.
He showed that the DNA from strain S cells could transform strain R cells.
He showed that strain R and strain S cells could be killed by heat.

He showed that the DNA from strain S cells could transform strain R cells.

Bacteriophages are important for which of the following processes?


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