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Questions from the Microsoft Office 2010 Excel exam.


This bar displays entries as they are made and edited in the Excel workbook window. (EX1.5)


Which of the following functions is written in the correct syntax? (EX1.39)


The predefined sets of formatting choices that can be applied to an entire workbook are called what? (EX2.16)


You can switch the rows and columns of a chart using what section of the Chart Tools Design tab? (EX2.38)


You can display different sections of a worksheet at the same time by creating: (EX3.34)


Changing the font type, changing the font style to bold, increasing the font size, and changing the font color is called ____. (EX1.50-68)


Whenever a formula containing ____ references is copied, the referenced cells are automatically adjusted by Excel. (EX1.39)

freeze the titles

Excel allows you to ____, so that Excel displays the titles on the screen, no matter how far down or to the right you scroll. (EX3.37-40)

data series

In a chart, the ____ is the related data points that are distinguished by different colors or patterns, called data markers, and displayed in the plot area. (EX2.25)


Once you have selected worksheet data, the commands to insert a chart type are located on the ____ tab in the Charts group. (EX2.24-28)

split window

The ____ feature allows you to divide a worksheet window into sections, making it easier to view different parts of the worksheet at the same time. (EX3.34)


The intersection of each column and row is called a ____. (EX1.7)

error checking

You can check formulas for errors by clicking the ____ button in the Formula Auditing group on the Formulas tab on the Ribbon. (EX3.4-7)

embedded objects

Excel Charts that are inserted into a worksheet are called ____. (EX2.9 & EX2.29)

Causes cells with two decimal places to align vertically correctly

What effect does the Accounting Number Format have on the selected cells? (EX1.62-63)

click Save As on the File menu

To save a previously saved workbook with a new name or on a different drive, ____. (EX1.23)


When a cell entry is positioned at the far left in the cell, it is considered ____. (EX1.51-53)


A ____ is a series of two or more adjacent cells in a column or row or a rectangular group of cells. (EX1.31)

recalculates all

Every time you enter a value into a cell in the worksheet, Excel automatically ____ formulas dependent upon the changed value.

CTRL key while pressing the ACCENT MARK (`)

To toggle between the values version and the formulas version of a worksheet, hold down the ____ key. (EX1.75)

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