Story Elements

introduction of characters and setting of a story
the problem between the antagonist and protagonist
the main character
rising action
the major events that lead to the climax
the most exciting moment in the story, the problem is at its worst
falling action
the major events that lead to the resolution\denouement
how the conflict was solved
the lesson or message the author is trying to help us understand
first person point of view
told from the protagonist's perspective,
pronouns used in first person point of view
I, me, my
setting is important because
setts the backdrop of the story,creates mood, adds to the rising action
external conflict
conflict between characters, events, and/or environment
internal conflict
conflict within the character
showing not telling
when an author uses actions, emotions, mood to show the action
mentor text
a piece of literature that can be reread, studied and imitated
"Sunrise on the Veld" was written by
Doris Lessing
when a character has inner thoughts the text should be
the writing process is not linear (step by step)
the writing process is recursive (steps are constantly being repeated and can be done in a random order)
3rd person omniscient point of view
knows the thoughts and feelings of all the characters in a story