Skill Presentation


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What is first when giving verbal instructions?
Get their undivided attention
What are 4 tips to keep undivided attention?
Distraction free setting
Do not give them any equipment
Make sure they can hear you
Make sure they can see you
What are 4 tips for skill refinement?
Critical elements
Developmentally appropriate
What are some examples of research studies that show how external works better than internal?
Ski research
Define verbal cues?
A word or concise phrase used to focus the learners attention or prompt a movement
What are 4 guidelines for verbal cues?
Limited in number
Describe Social cognitive theory?
When you watch it happen you put it in your memory and can attempt the action
Describe dynamic interpretation of modeling?
Trying to mimic the actions
Describe control demonstrations?
When demonstrations emphasize the control well-learned patterns of movement
Describe coordination demonstrations?
Demonstrations that focus a new pattern of coordination such as technique
Entire vs Partial demonstrations?
Skills should be performed in its entirely for first demonstrations
Real time vs slow mo?
We have to show the general idea of movement
Describe expert model learning?
Considered an expert if they have a higher skill and status level
More passive learning and imitation
Describe the learning model?
Somebody that has the same status
More active learning and exploration
What are 4 ways to give good demonstrations?
Avoid product options
Demonstrate with both right and left hand
When should you do demonstrations?
Before practice
When you see mistakes
End practice with demonstrations
How often should you do demonstrations?
More in the beginning less as they succeed
Define discovery learning?
Learner attempts to solve the movement problem like exploring all the possibilities
Describe show and tell approach?
Learner attempts to solve movement problems by exploring a variety of possibilities
Define Guided Discovery?
Facilitator asks questions to get the learner to understand the movement problems
Define manual guidance?
Practitioner takes a body part and takes them through the movement
What are 3 Pros of manual guidance?
To excite properly
Help with ROM
Speeds up process
What are the 3 Cons of manual guidance?
Reliance on practitioner
Movement difference when practitioner does it for you
Different feedback
Less attentive in passive learning