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English Irregular Verbs with Pictures

Present He usually gets to the station in 5 minutes.
Past They got up at 7.30 a.m. yesterday.
Perfect Hgan has just got his student ID card.
Present Some men give flowers to their mums every Mother's Day.
Past My cousin gave up smoking two months ago.
Perfect She has just given birth to a baby.
Present Our students go to TAFE four times a week.
Past They went to the cinema yesterday.
Perfect My sister has just gone on holidays.
Present We grow vegetables in our kitchen garden.
Past The children grew up and left the parents' house.
Perfect The farmers have grown good crops this year.
Present My sister always hangs curtains on the kitchen window.
Past We hung my grandmother's photo on the wall two hours ago.
Perfect They have just hung the carpet.
Present They have two children in the family.
Past My neighbour had a cat who lived for 17 years.
Perfect My sister's cat is old. She has had it for 12 years.
Present Do you hear anything?
Past We heard that story a week ago.
Perfect I haven't heard anything.
Present Homeless dogs often hide bones to eat them later.
Past My little brother hid my watch.
Perfect: Have a look: the dog has hidden himself in the hole!
Present He sometimes hits his head on the low door when he comes the small room.
Past Yesterday he hit his head again
Perfect He is in pain as he has just hit his head.
Present I always hold my breath when I see the ocean.
Past He held his girl friend when they went to the beach.
Perfect They have held the parties three times this month!
Present Sometimes the words hurt you a lot.
Past His abusive words hurt her yesterday.
Passive( Past) My cousin was hurt in the accident.
Present I always keep my documents in the safe.
Past He kept his promise and helped me yesterday.
Perfect She has never kept her promises.
Present We know lots of places of interest in South Australia.
Past They knew how to type in browser.
Perfect : I have know Nata for 10 years.
Present He always leaves for work at 7.15 a.m.
Past She left her bag in the classroom.
Perfect My sister has just left a message for her son in his mobile voice message box.
Present We lend money when we have enough money.
Past Tom lent his brother 50 dollars.
Perfect His parents has already lent him a lot of money and do not want to lend more.
Present She always lets her daughter play in the backyard.
Past They let in their cat only in the morning.
Perfect Bob has just let his son go camping with his classmates.
Present My mum often lies down for some time when she has back pains.
Past Rose lay on the sofa to have a nap.
Perfect My grandpa has just lain down on the carpet to stretch his back.
Present. I am a student. He is a student. They are students.
Past. I ( he, she it) was a student. We( you, they) were students.
Perfect. How long have you been here?
Present. He often beats his carpets.
Past. He beat his carpets yesterday.
Perfect. He has just beaten his carpets.
Present. A catapila becomes a butterfly.
Past. A catapila became a butterfly.
Perfect. . A catapila has already become a butterfly.
begin -began-begun
Present. The teacher begins her class at 9 a.m.
Past. The teacher began her class 10 minuites ago.
Perfect. The teacher has just begun her class.
Present. Angry dogs bite.
Past. An angry dog bit the man on Sunday.
Perfect. An Angry dog has just bitten the man.
Present. She blows me a kiss at the station.
Past. She blew me a kiss at the station yesterday.
Perfect. She has just blown me a kiss.
Present. His car ofen breaks down.
Past. His car broke up two days ago.
Perfect. His car has just broken down.
Present. He always brings her flowers on her birthday.
Past. They brought me lots of flowers yesterday.
Perfect. My students have already brought their folders.
build -built-built
Present. Kids often build sandcastles.
Past. My son built a big sandcastle on Saturday.
Perfect. He has already built a nice sandcastle.
Present. We buy medicines at the chemict's.
Past. He bought a cake at the bakery on Friday.
Perfect. We have just bought her a present.
Present. My friend often catches a train.
Past. The player caught the ball after I threw it to him.
Perfect. The player has just caught the ball.
Present. Andre's wife always chooses clothes for him.
Past. They chose the spicy dish at the cafe.
Perfect. She has already chosen the dress.
Present. My students come to class on time.
Past. Pete came 10 minutes later.
Perfect. Has he come yet?
Present. How much does it cost?
Past. How much did your bag cost?
Perfect. The speed driving has just cost him a lot.
Present. We cut meat with sharp knife.
Past. The man cut his finger when he was cooking.
Perfect. Mom!! I have just cut my toe!
Present. We do our best to help the people.
Past. They did their shopping yesterday.
Perfect. She has just done her exercises.
Present. Children usually draw what they see.
Past. The painter drew the boy on a bike.
Perfect. She has just drawn a beautiful flower.
Present. When it is hot people drink a lot of water.
Past. They drank beer at the pub last night.
Perfect. He has already drunk the juice.
Present. My husband drives me to work.
Past. They drove fast when the road was empty.
Perfect. He has just driven to the station.
Present. My cat eats twice a day.
Past. My friend ate spicy food in the restaurant yesterday.
Perfect. She has already eaten her lunch.
Present. Lots of people fall on a slippery road.
Past. He fell off the bike yesterday.
Perfect. The little boy has just fallen off the pram.
Present. We feel cold when the temperature is minus 5.
Past. They felt cold as it was no heater in the room.
Perfect. He has just felt pain in the back.
Present. Boys often fight.
Past. My nephew fought with his friend yesterday.
Perfect. The dogs have just fought .
Present. We find nice shells on the sea shore.
Past. He found his sock under the bed.
Perfect. They have just found their tickets.
Present. We fly by planes and helicopters.
Past. They flew from London to Singapore an hour ago.
Perfect. My mum has just flown from Melbourne.
Present. You always forget to switch off the light!
Past. We forgot to call our parents yesterday.
Perfect. I have forgotten to take my umbrella lots of times.

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