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Martin Anderson's

Who is the first-person (POV) narrator of _Hidden Talents_?


Martin initially says that Edgeview looks like a what?


Martin doesn't trust people who wear what?

Because of his incorrigible disrespect of teachers

Why was Martin sent to Edgeview Alternative School?

Philip "Torchie" Grieg

Who is Martin's roommate?

"I didn't do nothin'."

What's Torchie's defense?

Lester Bloodbath

Who terrorizes the students at Edgeview?

He has a very high voice, and he's absurdly ugly

What are Lip's two unique features?


Who is the FIRST character to punch Martin in the stomach?


Dennis Woo is also known as . . .

It gets inspected by the state

What happens every five year to Edgeview?

Makes fun of his baldness

What does Martin do to Mr. Parsons, his math teacher?

States that it IS possible for someone to "stink" at writing poetry

What does Martin do to Ms. Nomad, his English teacher?

She makes everyone dress up in costumes and treats her class as a theatre production

What is different about Ms. Crenshaw's history class?

With discipline, strict discipline

How does Mr. Langhorn, the geography teacher, run his classroom?

The best dodge ball player Martin has ever seen

Who is Flinch?

He constantly is throwing and breaking things

Why does Trash sit by himself and have a single room?

Stealing things

Lucky always yells, "Shut up! Just shut up!" to nobody in particular; he also hates it when people accuse him of what?

He thinks that Trash threw a math book at him and goes into his (Trash's) room

How does Martin meet Trash?


Who truly misses Martin besides Martin's mother?

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