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Vital capacity formula
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Why does hyperventilation increase the time one can hold their breath?Since more CO2 is brought in than O2 being sent out, the chemoreceptors are signaled to lower CO2. Therefore since you lowered CO2, it buys additional time before reaching your break point.Normal tidal volume for men and women500mlNormal inspiratory reserve volume for men and women3100ml, 1900mlNormal expiratory reserve volume for men and women1200ml, 700mlNormal residual volume for men and women1200ml, 1100mlTotal lung capacity is themaximum volume of air the lungs can holdAirway resistance formula= FEV1.0 ÷ FVC x 100Forced Expiratory Volume (FEV) isthe percentage of the vital capacity that can be expelled in a specific period of time.Central chemoreceptors are located on theventrolateral surface of the medulla oblongataCentral chemo receptors only monitorpH changes in the CSF induced by changes in blood carbon dioxide levelsthe formation of H+ causes a _______ in the pHdecreaseperipheral chemo receptors are located in theaortic and common carotid arteries