BBL NYUCD C/O 2021 questions from final review lecture session

What is the role of enamelin in enamel formation?

a) Assembles into gel network for crystal growth guidance

b) Prevents cracks from propagating through enamel mineral

c) Responsible for initial crystal growth at DEJ

d) Defines sheath region and crystal elongation
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Ti implants with increased surface area are more successful than smooth surface
Ti implants because:

a) Increased surface area adds to the overall weight of the implant, making it
more resistant to dislodging

b) Increased surface area allows better mechanical interlocking between the
implant and the growing tissue

c) Increased surface area allows SIBLING proteins to adapt at the Ti implant - bone interface

d) Increased surface area promotes better clotting
Certain restriction endonucleases cleave dsDNA and produce short single stranded regions that are also called: a) Flush cut b) Sticky ends c) Diagonal cut d) Transverse cutb) Sticky endsIf a patient is deficient in a particular vitamin B, there is a good chance that they are also deficient in one or more other vitamin Bs a True b Falsea TrueA patient that is deficient in EFAs and manifests deficiency syndromes an be easily treated by administering EFAs to the diet. a True b Falsea True