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Belief that the environment and its resources should be used by humans, but managed in a sustainable, responsible manner.
Mesa Verde National Park
Park that contains the ruins of the ancient Pueblo Indians. Found and excavated by Richard Wetherill and his brothers. First national park created to celebrate a prehistoric culture
Hetch Hetchy Valley
The federal government allowed the city of San Francisco to build a dam here in 1913. Convinced by the 1906 Earthquake and Fires of San Francisco.
National monuments created by Theodore Roosevelt
Created 18 in all, like the Grand Canyon, Muir Woods, Petrified Forest, Devil's Tower, and Chaco Canyon
Antiquities Act of 1906
Made any unauthorized disturbance of prehistoric ruins a federal crime, and gave the president exclusive authority to preserve places of scientific or historical significance.
The federal law that prohibited trade of ALL wildlife, fish, and plants illegally taken, obtained, transported, or sold because game birds living in the Everglades were on the verge of becoming extinct.
Lacey Act of 1900
Gifford Pinchot
First Director of the US Forest Service and well-known conservationist
Belief that humans can have access to the land, but they should only utilize it for its natural beauty and inspiration. It should remain untouched in its natural form.
Yellowstone Game Protection Act of 1894
Law that made the hunting, killing, or capturing of birds and animals in Yellowstone National Park a punishable offense. Law was created because of poachers killing in the park and bragging about how they cannot be punished
Boone and Crockett Club
Organization of hunters dedicated to conservation of big game and other wildlife. Originally created by Roosevelt and Grinnell because they wanted to expand the boundaries of Yellowstone
Park's maintained by the Buffalo Soldiers
Kings Canyon, Sequoia, and Yosemite
First African American superintendent of a national park
Capt Charles Young of the Buffalo Soldiers
Who protected the national parks prior to the creation of the National park Service?
The U.S Cavalry
First national monument created by Teddy Roosevelt
Devil's Tower
National Audubon Society
Conservation group whose purpose was to help promote conservation and restore their natural ecosystems, focused mostly on birds.
What event happened that angered John Lacey and pushed him to introduce the Yellowstone Game Protection Act of 1894?
A poacher killing 6 buffalo on park grounds and the cavalry was unable to be punished for his crime
The practice of using natural resources in a manner that will meet the present day needs for the resource without jeopardizing the supply of the resource for future generations
Intrinsic value
Something that has worth of any benefit it may provide to humans