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Latin finals


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Nominative Case
Genitive Case
Shows possession
Dative Case
Indirect Object
Accusative Case
Direct Object
Ablative Case
Object of the Preposition
1st declension nominative endings
A ae
1st declension genitive endings
Ae arum
1st declension dative endings
Ae is
1st declension accusative endings
Am as
1st declension ablative endings
Ā is
How is the Latin root found
Take the genitive word and remove ae
Translate nominative with
Translate genitive with
Translate dative with
Translate accusative with
Translate ablative with
What is a predicate nominative
A sentence with subject and object in the nominative case
Verbs 4 principal parts
Present tense, infinitive, past tense, perfect tense
To find the verb's root
Remove the re from the infinitive
present tense verb endings
O Mos
S Tis
T Nt
Verb translation
I We
You Y'all
He she it They
Second Declension nominative endings
Us is
Second Declension genitive endings
I orum
Second Declension dative endings
O is
Second Declension accusative endings
Um os
Second Declension ablative endings
O is
Future Tense Verb Endings
Bo Bimus
Bis Bitis
Bit Bunt
future tense verb translation
I will We will
You will Y'all will
S/he it will They will
Perfect tense verb endings
I Imus
Isti Istis
It Erunt
Translate the perfect tense by
Taking the root from the 3rd principle part (remove I)
Also add have/has
vocative case
A ae (us becomes e; ius becomes i)
2nd declension Neutered nouns
Um A (nominative and accusative)