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  1. special courts
  2. U.S. magistrates
  3. constitutional courts
  4. appellate court
  5. majority opinion
  1. a Article III courts
  2. b Court's opinion on a case
  3. c to review a lower court's actions and decisions to determine if they followed the law
  4. d "officials" appointed to eight-year terms
  5. e hear a much narrower range of cases

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  1. African-American in SC
  2. newest member of SC
  3. higher court sends a case back down to a lower court
  4. refers to a meeting of the full court to discuss cases they have heard in oral argument
  5. bush 41 appointee to SC

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  1. dockethigher court sends a case back down to a lower court


  2. rule of fourClinton appointee to SC


  3. ruth ginsburg"Rule" by which SC


  4. inferior courtsfederal courts beneath SC


  5. JP stevenslongest serving in SC