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  1. remand
  2. inferior courts
  3. ruth ginsburg
  4. U.S. magistrates
  5. dissenting opinion
  1. a Clinton appointee to SC
  2. b written by justices who do not agree with the decision of the Court
  3. c federal courts beneath SC
  4. d higher court sends a case back down to a lower court
  5. e "officials" appointed to eight-year terms

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  1. woman in SC
  2. refers to a meeting of the full court to discuss cases they have heard in oral argument
  3. makes a judgement based on facts of case
  4. "cases heard in ONLY federal courts"
  5. bush 41 appointee to SC

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  1. constitutional courtsArticle III courts


  2. concurrent jurisdiction"cases heard in either federal or state courts


  3. majority opinionCourt's opinion on a case


  4. rule of fourClinton appointee to SC


  5. concurring opinionemphasize certain points not made earlier