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BJU World History Chapter 7


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Residents of "Towns" in the Southwest region of North America
Pueblo Indians
Five tribes of the Pueblo Indians
Hopi, Ute, Paiute, Navajo, Apache
Residents who migrated over the grasslands of Great Plains
Plains Indians
Plains Indians lived in these
Five tribes of the Plains Indians
Sioux, Cheyenne, Crow, Blackfeet, Comanche
Three groups of Indians who settled in Eastern America
Mound Builders, Iroquois, The Five Civilized Tribes
A mound built in the shape of an animal or object
Effigy mound
Iroquois Confederacy located here
Northern New York
Five Civilized Tribes consisted of these tribes
Cherokees, Chickasaws, Choctaws, Creeks, Seminoles
Five Civilized Tribes located in this area of North America
Indians who lived in a portion of Central America
Intellectual accomplishments of Mayan's
Accurate Calendar, Form of writing, Math, Astronomy
Large structures built by Mayans (similar to Egyptians)
Indians who lived in Mexico
Capital city of Aztecs built on an island
Aztec god who that they expected to return. This made them vulnerable to the deception of Spanish conquerors.
Method of punishment Aztecs used for adultery
Recognized as a vital part of Aztec culture
Indians who lived in South America/Andes Mountains
The capital of the Incan Empire
His discoveries inspired Europeans to begin exploring new lands.
Marco Polo
Mythical king sought by explorers to help defeat muslims.
Prester John
Ship designed for more effective travel on the open seas.
Belts of consistent winds that blow East to West
Sailors most useful tool used for navigation
Used by European explorers to chart their courses
Dead reckoning
Used by sailors to measure the angle between the horizon and a star
The act of robbing at sea
Well know English pirate commissioned by the governor of Jamaica
Henry Morgan
Among the first to use cannons aboard ships in war
Sailed West in 1492 and discovered new lands
Portuguese prince who set up a school of navigation
Prince Henry
Explorer who first found a route around Africa
Bartolomeu Dias
Southern tip of Africa
Cape of Good Hope
First to find a trade route to India
Vasco de Gama
Jesuit missionary to Japan
Francis Xavier
Financed Columbus' voyage West
King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain
Islands near China also known as Indonesia
Purpose for Columbus sailing West
Searching for a quicker route to China
Among the first to land in Japan
Discovered a new Ocean he named Pacific (peace)
Ferdinand Magellan
His three year journey was financed by Queen Elizabeth
Sir Frances Drake
Sent by Spain to "conquer"
Encountered the Aztecs in 1519 and eventually slaughtered most of them
Hernando Cortes
Aztec ruler
Spanish city built on the former capital of the Aztecs
Mexico City
Spanish explorer who was killed in the Philippines and whose crew continued to travel around the world.
City built on the former capital city of the Incan empire
Last ruler of the Incas before Francisco Pizarro conquered them.
Incan stronghold sight discovered by Hiram Bingham in 1918
Machu Picchu (old peak)
Phillip II defeated the Ottoman naval fleet
Battle of Lepanto
Coastal city in China
Ancient name for Thailand
Siam (avoided European Colonization)
Brought by European explorers and may have killed many Indians
Human borne disease
Protected Indians against abuses of Spanish explorers
Roman Catholic Church
Catholic Missionary to the Indians in Latin America
Bartolome de Las Casas
Suffered from a plague before explorers arrived
Incan Empire