7-9 vocab quiz


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appeal (n)
A serious urgent request
grim (adj.)
forbidding or uninviting; depressing
baffled (v)
Totally bewilder or perplex; confuse
Perpetual (adjective)
Never ending, never changing; occurring repeatedly
Yielded (v)
Give up, relinquish possession of
tarnished (adj)
Dull, stained
ascertaining (verb)
Find out something for certain; make sure of
cleaved (v)
Stick or adhere to
palate (n.)
the roof of one's mouth
rendered (v)
Cause to be or become; to make something happen
vigil (n)
A period of time spent keeping watch over something
unfathomable (adjective)
Incapable of being understood
Burdened (v)
Cause someone hardship or distress
aberrations (noun)
Something that is different from what is usually expected or normal, usually something negative.
seldom (adv.)
Not often; rarely.
Entrusted (v)
Assigned with the responsibility of doing something
metrological (adj)
The branch of science concerned with the atmosphere or weather
perpetrated (v)
Carry out or commit
libel (n)
A published false statement that is damaging a persons character or reputation
caricatures (n)
A picture or description of a person exaggerating their characteristics for comic effect
quelled (v)
To put an end to, especially with the use of force
Adjacent (adjective)
next to or adjoining something else
Shambles (noun)
A state of total disorder or disaster
perplexity (n.)
Inability to do with or understand something complicated
gastric (adj)
Related to or of the stomach
inordinately (adverb)
Unusually or disproportionately large; excessive
vain (adj)
having or showing an excessively high opinion of one's appearance, abilities, or worth.
lineaments (n)
A distinctive characteristic or feature, especially of the face
ingenuous (adj)
innocent and unsuspecting
diversions (n)
A recreation or pastime, an activity that distracts from more serious concerns
harbored (v)
To keep a (usually negative) thought in ones mind secretly
notions (n)
A concept or belief about something; an idea
analogous (adj)
comparable in certain respects, especially in a way that makes both things clearer
fluently (adv)
Able to express oneself easily and articulately
innate (adj)
inborn, natural
provocation (noun)
action or speech that makes someone annoyed or angry, especially on purpose
inevitable (adj)
certain to happen; unavoidable
donned (verb)
To put on an item of clothing
ministered (v)
To attend to/help with someone's needs
obstreperous (adj)
noisy and difficult to control
Gallantly (adverb)
Brave, heroic or giving special attention to women, chivalrous
Evasion (noun)
An indirect answer