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Josh - Science quiz - Weather/atmosphere

elements that make up the atmosphere
78% nitrogen, 21%oxygen
layer of atmosphere that we live in
5 conditions of weather
temp ,rain, humidity, wind pressure
tools we measure the conditions of weather with
thermometer, hydrometer. anomometer, rain,gauge, barometer
water cycle
condensation, evaporation,precipitation,surface run off,ground water
how high/low pressure move
air moves from high pressure to low pressure
causes of high pressure
cold air
causes of low pressure
warm air
cold front
a cold air mass moves in and overtakes a warm mass. It brings cold temps, clouds and rain quickly. Can cause strong gusts of wind and violent storms.
warm front
warm air mass moves over a retreating cold air mass. It brings warm temps, high clouds and some light rain.
stationary front
the boundary between two unmoving air masses.
reason for colder at higher elevation
temperatures decrease at higher elevation. Air molecules decrease at higher elevations and the sun heats air molecules.
violently spinning funnel cloud over land that generates big winds
huge wind mass that forms over warm ocean water. Wind speed=74-200mph. Calm central core called "eye" surrounded by a think wall of clouds. Gets slower over land.