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The largest section in the CPT Manual


Does not reimburse for a surgical tray.

The Subsections in Surgery section

Medical Speciality;Body System and Anatomical Site


Are found at the beginning of each section and contains information specific to the section.


Indicates new or revised text within the current edition of the CPT manual.

Parenthetical Expressions

Is information within parentheses

Unlisted Procedures

Befor assiging this type of code, you must be certain that a more specific Category I or a Category III code is not available.

Special Reports

Is a type of report that contains the nature, extent, need, time, effort, and times equipment necessary to provide service.

Seperate Procedures

Is designated within the CPT manual to indicate a procedure tha tis only reported when it is performed as the only procedure or shen another procedure performed at the same time is unrelated to this procedure.

Surgiacal Package

When time, effort, and services are bundled together.

Local Anesthesia

Is defined as local infiltration, metacarpal/digital blocks, or topical anesthesia.

Routine Complications

Accoridng to Medicare guidelines of a surgical procedure are usually included in the reinbursement for a major surgical procedure.


Is a CPT code that can be assigned to a report Surgical tray.


Is a HCPCS code that can be assigned to report a Surgical tray.


Reports a postoperative follow-up visit that is included in the global services.

Surgical Destruction

Is a part of a surgical procedure and different methods of destruction are not ordinarily listed seperate.

Commitent Conditions

Are the care of the conditions for which a diagnostic procedure was erformed or is not included and may be listed seperately.

Local Treatment

There are "Notes" in this subsection.


Code used for Operationg Microscope Subsection.

Surgical Service

Follow-up care for therapeutic surgical procedures includes only that care.

Three Components of Wound Repair

Ligation, Exploration, Debridement

Three Wond Repair determination Criteria

Length of wound in cm, Complexity, Site of the wound repair.

Three Classificaitons of Wound Repair

Simple, Intermediate, Complex


Multiple Procedures


The title for the information that percedes each section.


Is the cleansing of an area or wound.

Punch Biopsy

May be performed to excise a disc of tissue.

Tissue Expansion

Is the term for the elastic material formed into a sac that is then filled with fluid or air.


Is the nameof the graft that is taken from the patients body.

Malignant & Benign

The two major distictions in coding destruciton of lesions.

Site Location & Size

The divisions of malignant lesions excisions.


Is the procedure used to treat acne or wrinkles by means of sanding.

Physician would act as the Sergeon and Pathologist

In order to report Moh's Surgery

Excisional Biopsy

Is the entire lesion removed for biopsy.

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