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The Alps Mountains blocking land access to the Italian peninsula.
Rome was protected from invasion by
Trade with other areas by water.
Rome's location near the Mediterranean Sea allowed it to
Art, Literature, Architecture
Roman mythology influenced all of the following
Diana, Minerva, Venus
Examples of Roman Goddesses
Patricians, Plebeians
There were two major social classes in ancient Rome. The ________ were wealthy and well born and the ________ were the poorer members of society.
government by representatives
Early Rome was governed by a Republic. What is a republic?
freeborn Roman men
Who were considered citizens in the Republican period of Rome?
Twelve Tables
Roman law was written down and displayed in the Forum. What was this set of laws called?
What title belongs to the two elected chief executives of the Roman Republic? (similar to our President and vice president)
selected foreigners such as doctors and teachers
To which group did Julius Caesar extend citizenship when he took over the Republic as dictator?
paying taxes and providing military service.
A citizen of the Roman Republic had certain responsibilities including
Who did Rome fight the Punic Wars against?
Mediterranean Sea
Winning the Punic Wars gave Rome control of what body of water?
What famous general invaded the Italian peninsula during the Punic wars?
Which region did Julius Caesar conquer, nearly doubling the size of the Roman Republic?
the spread of agricultural slavery
increased unemployment among small farmers
devaluation of Roman currency
Three things that contributed to a weakened economy in the Roman Republic?
the devaluation of Roman currency
The increased wealth from Roman conquests in the Mediterranean led to
Julius Caesar
Who was assassinated by the Roman Senate after he had become a dictator?
There were no clear rules for choosing a new emperor.
What was the primary weakness in the Roman Imperial system of government?
Senate gave Octavian the title Augustus
The Roman Republic became the Roman Empire when the
First Triumvirate
The political alliance of Crassus, Pompey, and Caesar brought a short-lived peace to the Roman Republic. Their alliance was called the
Pax Romana
What is the 200-year period of Roman peace and prosperity initiated by Augustus Caesar known as
Both were times of peace and artistic advancement.
How were the Pax Romana and the Age of Pericles in Athens similar?
New Testament
What was the book that contained the teachings of Jesus?
Early Christian leaders who spread their faith were known as
Early Christianity had its roots in which ancient religion?
its message of eternal salvation for all who repent appealed to the common people.
Christianity spread rapidly throughout the Roman Empire because
The death of the martyrs inspired others with their faith.
The Roman execution of early Christians made them martyrs. What effect did this have?
It became the voice of morality
How did the Church influence the Roman Empire
Which Roman emperor legalized Christianity with the Edict of Milan?
Where did the Romans hold the games of the gladiators?
They built public baths and provided food for the poor
How did the Romans respond to the problem of public health?
All citizens were innocent unless proven guilty.
What was the prominent concept for Western civilization that was established in Roman law?
Which of the following is NOT a Roman contribution to engineering and architecture?
The Emperor ________ moved the Roman capital to Byzantium.
Germanic barbarians
What group(s) invaded Rome, finally putting an end to the Empire?
Long borders made the empire difficult to defend.
How did geography influence the collapse of the Roman Empire?
Loss of faith in the Government
Cost of defending long borders
Difficulty Governing a large area
Factors that contributed to the collapse of the Roman Empire.
476 CE
Historians date the end of the Western Roman Empire to when the last emperor was deposed in
Byzantine Empire
Which society continued the culture and traditions of Rome for more than a thousand years after the Western Empire's end?
The following statements describe which City:
Located on the Bosporus strait, an important trade route.
A crossroads of trade for Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.
Isolated from invasions weakening the Roman Empire.
expanding trade and reconquering parts of the Roman Empire
Justinian strengthened the Byzantine Empire by
What was the dominant language of the Byzantine Empire?
preserving Greek and Roman culture.
What is Byzantine culture best known for?
Eastern Orthodox
What religion was practiced by the eastern half of the Roman Empire?
a dispute over the authority of the Pope over icons
What caused the Schism, the split that divided the Christian religion into the Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox Churches?
After the Schism, what language was used for Christian services in the Western Roman Empire?
What is the title of the head of the Roman Catholic Church?
Russia and eastern Europe
Trade spread Byzantine culture into what region of the world?
What form of writing was developed by Byzantine monks and adopted in Russia and eastern Europe?
The Patriarch of Constantinople led the Greek Orthodox Church.
What was one result of the Great Schism between the Roman Catholic Church and the Greek Orthodox Church?
Eastern Orthodox
What religion was adopted in Russia?
Augustus Caesar defeated Marc Anthony.
What event signaled the end of the Roman civil war?