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abusive supervision
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Emotional intelligence-Understand his or her own emotions -Understand others' emotions -Apply this understanding to life's tasksThe three specific interpersonal skills-Being socially perceptive -Showing emotional intelligence -Managing interpersonal conflictConceptual skillsinvolve the thinking or cognitive aspects of leadership, such as concepts and ideasThe three specific conceptual skills-Problem solving -Strategic planning -Creating a visionSteps of problem-solving1.) Identify the problem 2.) Generate alternative solutions 3.) Selecting the Solution 4.) Implementing the solutionStrategic leaders-A leader needs to be able to think and consider ideas to develop effective strategies for a group or organization -Being strategic requires developing careful plans of action based on the available resources to achieve a goal •Must have: o The ability to learn o Capacity to adapt o Managerial wisdomVisionoA mental model of an ideal future state— ♣ "What could be"ClimateThe atmosphere of a team or an organization. It is defined as people's shared perceptions of the way things are in an organization -Rituals -Values -Procedures -AssumptionsA constructive climate?Atmosphere that promotes group members' satisfaction and achieving their personal bestArticulation-Know audience -Highlight intrinsic values -Use motivating and inspiring language o Say "we" and "our," not "I/me" and "my/mine"Implementation-Test of a good leader -Set high expectations -Requires continuous efforts