ST 106 week 3 review part 1

20 terms by alexonatsko

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Smooth forceps

are used on delicate tissue

Premium surgiclip

are laprascopic clip appliers with titanium clips already loaded inside

Factors that slow down healing process

include: immune system, chronic disease, nutrition, obesity, age, and surg technique correct answer D All of the Above


not closed wound, increase infection


clean, sutured, minimal scar


ragged edges, heal before closure done


packed with moist dressing


not closed, healed by granulation


most ideal




layers brought together for healing


suture up later


takes weeks or months for healing

load needle

then take package off

Stainless steel

the strongest suture, no tissue drag, little inflammation

Healing starts

as soon as incision is made


wound separates by excessive pressure

material, characteristic, and principal

are 3 things to identify when handling suture


needs to be slightly stretched out

Stainless steel

can puncture the glove, handled as sharp

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