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3 Main functions of work centers
Task list Costing Schedule and capacity planning
4 Technical Objects (Master Data)
Functional locations,Equipment, Serial numbers, BOM
Planning plant can be both a manufacturing and planning
3 types of functional location
spatial, functional/equipment, technical
definition of functional location
Multilevel hierarchical structure organized according to spatial/technical/equipment, unique identifier of spatial functional location, structure indicator
unique identifier of functional/equipment functional location
combination of material number + serial number
master record views of functional location
General, Location, Organization, Structure
master record views of equipment
General, Location, Organization, Structure
definition of equipment
individual physical object to be maintained as an autonomous unit
purposes of equipment
Management of individual data, Recording of maintenance tasks, Object based recording of costs, Evaluation of technical data, Recording of usage times
purposes of BOM
Structuring of an object, Spare parts planning in order, Spare parts planning in task list
3 types of BOM
Material, Equipment, Functional location
links BOM and equipment technical object
construction field
5 steps in corrective maintenance process
1. Notification, 2. Planning, 3. Scheduling, 4. Execution, 5. Completion
Maintenance notification structure
Header/Notification items/Activities and Tasks
4 objects of maintenance notification
BOM, Material with serial, Equipment, Functional location
Direct creation of maintenance order combines ....
order and notification
Elements of maintenance order
Header, Object list, Operation, Material list, Production resources/tools, Settlement rules,Costs (estimated/planned/actual)
Maintenance service/material process flow steps
Component assignment, Material reservation, Order release, Printing, Goods issue,Invoice (non-stock/procured service)
Name 5 organisational units used in EAM/CS?
client/cc/pp/mp/mpp/wc/planning groups
Provide 3 examples of different types of Work Centers?
machine, or group of machines, person, or group of people
In PM what is the purpose of a Work Center?
costing, scheduling, capacity planning
In Customer Service what is the purpose of a Planning Plant?
plan in which service is planned and scheduled
What is the relationship between a Plant and a Work Center?
plant can contain more than one work center
List the different types of Technical Objects?
Functional locations, Equipment, Serial numbers, BOM
How does Equipment differ from Serial Numbers in EAM/CS?
serial number differentiate between same kind of materials
Assemblies and BOM are the same. (T/F)
How are Functional Locations classified?
spatial; technical; functional/equiptment
What is purpose of Functional Locations?
to structure technical object into units relevant to maintenance
Describe the structure of the Functional Location master data record and describe the contents each component.
general, location, organization, structural
In the Functional Location what is the purpose of the Structure Indicator
to identify location
Identify the structure of the Equipment master data record.
general, location, organization, structural
Describe the relationship between a Functional Location and Equipment Technical Objects.
equipment is installed on a functional location
A material can not have a material number and serial number. (T/F)
The same serial number can be used with different materials. (T/F)
What is the relationship between the Equipment Master record and the Material Master?
construction type; the difference is in equipment there is also a serial number
The maintenance BOM contains the all the information as the material BOM. (T/F)
What is the function of the BOM in PM?
1. structuring object, 2. spare parts planning in task list, 3. spare parts planning in order
Which 3 categories are part of the maintenance BOM?
1. Material BOM
2. Production BOM
3. Functional Location BOM
4. Service BOM
5. Equipment BOM
A material BOM can be assigned to one or more Technical Objects. (T/F)
true; via construction type
Describe the different phases of Corrective Maintenance?
notification, planning, scheduling, execution, completion
What is the structure of a Maintenance Notification?
header/notification items/task and activities
What is the relationship between Technical Objects and a Maintenance Notification?
maintenance notifications are made on technical objects
What is the purpose of a Maintenance Order.
contains tasks to be performed and resources required; triggered by maintenance notification;
Describe the elements of a Maintenance Order?
header/object list/operation/settlement rules and costs
The Object List links the Maintenance Notification to the Maintenance Order. (T/F)
Describe the Process Flow for Materials (in Stock) used in a Maintenance Order.
Component assignment, Material reservation, Order release, Printing, Goods issue, Invoice (non-stock/procured service)
What is the Process Flow for Materials ( not in Stock) used in a Maintenance Order?
***Difference between stock order and non-stock order
Non-stock/procured service - has invoice
Non-stock - within goods issue follow procurement steps
Services can be either internal or external
Enter via service sheet (service entry + service accepted)- replaces goods receipt
Expected costs in a Maintenance Order can viewed from a cost element level (Controlling view) or a primary cost level (Financial view). (T/F)
false; because you don't do planning of costs in financial
What are the effects of a Maintenance Order release?
Name 3 outputs of the Printing a Maintenance Order process.
CATS can be used to confirm the time required for a Maintenance Order. (T/F)
Name 3 actions that result from the Technical Completion of a Maintenance Order
Delete flag for purchase requisitions
Close reservations
Close open capacities
What is the purpose of the Document Flow in PM and list its contents.
What is the purpose of the Action Log?
describes what has been done, by who, and when
Describe how PM integrates with other modules.
integrates with everything
When a Maintenance Notification is completed its transferred to the section for completed orders. (T/F)
FALSE; transferred to notification history
You can use "Material where-used list" function to verify material use in maintenance orders within a specific time period. (T/F)
A Service Order acts as input to a Service Notification. (T/F)
FALSE; service notification acts as input to a service order
What are the major components of a Service Order?
List 3 methods to create a Service Order.
A Service Order can trigger a Purchase Requisition. (T/F)
What processes are dependent of a Service Order being released?
goods receipt invoice receipt
What is the purpose of Order Confirmation?
to enter all relevant information an put in against an order
The purpose of Settlement is the allocation of costs and revenues for an service order to the settlement receiver. (T/F)
What are the prerequisites for the Settlement of a Service Order?
release settlement rule order must contain cost / revenues that have not been settled
List 3 possible Settlement Receiver Types?
GL account; cost center; order; wbs element; asset; material; network; profitability segment; sales order; business process
purposes of functional location
Execution of maintenance tasks
Recording of maintenance tasks
Data collection over long periods
Cost monitoring by area
effects of order release
Reservation can be withdrawn
Papers printed
Confirmation possible
Goods movement possible
Finalize measures