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Holocaust: Causes and Consequences


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Dachau, just outside of Munich. It was opened in 1933, 2 months after the Nazis came to power.
When did the SS open the first concentration camp, and where was it located?
When were the Nuremberg Laws passed
The absorption of Austria into the Third Reich, and it took place in March, 1938.
What was the Anschluss, and when did it take place?
November 9-10, 1938
When was Kristallnacht?
On September 1, 1939 the Nazis invaded. 2 weeks later the Soviets did the same thing. As a result, Poland was carved in half and occupied by both countries.
What happened to Poland as a result of the Nazi-Soviet nonaggression Pact?
September 1939, during the invasion of Poland
When did the Einsatzgruppen begin killing Jews?
How many Jews were massacred at Babi Yar in September of 1941?
December, 1941
When did Chelmno (the first Death Camp) begin their extermination operations?
4 days before.
Did the mass transport of 65,000 Jews to Chelmno take place before or after the Wannsee Conference?
How many Jews were transported from Warsaw to Treblinka in July, 1942
April 19, 1943
When did the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising begin?
January, 1945
When did the Soviets liberate Auschwitz?
April, 1945
When did the Americans liberate Dachau?
Did Hitler commit suicide before or after Germany surrendered to the Allies?
1. The State must be strongly led
2. Citizens must serve the State
3. The State must struggle for survival; stronger States will naturally dominate weaker States
4. Germany must acquire "living space" to create an extended German homeland in Eastern Europe
What were the key components of Nationalism?
1. Native German people are called Aryans.
2. Aryans are a "super race" - culturally, physically and intellectually superior to all other races.
3. The Aryan "super race" should rightfully dominate the "inferior" races.
4. The Aryan race must remain pure to be strong.
What were the key components of Aryanism?
- Dictator
- One-party rule
- Primacy of the State
- Economic control
- Secret Police
- Censorship
- Propaganda
What are the 7 characteristics of a totalitarian state?
Slavs, Communists, Gypsies, Homosexuals, people with either mental or physical disabilities, Jehovah's Witnesses,
The Holocaust was the attempt by the Nazis to eliminate all "undesirable" peoples from Europe, beginning with the Jews. What other groups did they want to eliminate?
Expulsion and forced immigration from Germany and German controlled territories
The "Final Solution" was just that - the final step. What was the first step taken by the Nazis to make Europe "Juden Frei" (Jew Free)?
Auschwitz-Birkenau, Chelmno, Majdanek, Treblinka, Sobibor, Belzec
What were the names of the Death Camps in Poland?
What percentage of European Jewry was murdered by the Nazis?
6 million
How many non-Jews were killed in the Holocaust?
It was in retaliation for the shooting of a German official by a Jewish teenager.
What excuse did the Nazis give for Kristallnacht?
The deaths of more than 400 Jews, and the looting & destruction of more than 8,000 shops and 200 synagogues throughout Germany.
What were the results of Kristallnacht?
Jews are denied citizenship, forbidden to marry non-Jews, required to wear a yellow star identifying them as Jews, cannot attend public school, own businesses, have professions, own land or associate in any way with non-Jews.
What restrictions were there against Jews in Germany as World War II starts in 1939?
November, 1942
When did the first reports of mass exterminations of Jews appear in American newspapers?
A term used to describe a person considered racially inferior by the Nazis.
A reference to the republic of Germany that lasted from 1919-1933
The Enabling Act
Law passed in the Reichstag on 23rd March 1933 that gave Adolf Hitler dictatorial powers for 4 years unless renewed (which happened twice)
Berlin suburb; site of the 1942 Wannsee Conference that laid out plans for the Final Solution
May 1948
Date of the declaration of of Israeli statehood and the beginning of the Arab-Israeli War.
United Nations Special Committee on Palestine. Proposed the partition plan that led to the creation of Israel.
Yad Vashem
The Israeli Holocaust Memorial Museum. Located in Jerusalem.
Sir Francis Galton
British Scientist and follower of Darwin who is credited as the founder of Eugenics.
Adolf Eichmann
Leading architect of the final solution, captured by the Allies and Israeli authority.
David Ben-Gurion
Worked for the creation of the state of Israel; became Israel's first Prime Minister in 1948
July 1925
Mein Kampf published in on this date.
The Triumph of the Will
A documentary of the 1934 Nuremberg party rally; directed by Leni Riefenstahl
David Irving
Holocaust Denier who sued Deborah Lipstadt for libel.
Jews who wanted to establish a country of their own in Palestine.

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