GCSE Dance - A Linha Curva

A Linha Curva Choreographer
Itzik Gallili
A Linha Curva Company
Rambert Dance Company
A Linha Curva Date of First Performance
12th May 2009 (Brazil 2005)
A Linha Curva Dance Style
contemporary, samba, capoeira
A Linha Curva Choreographic Approach
Motifs were improvised and dancers were told to choreograph short solos. Each solo taught to the other dancers.
A Linha Curva Stimulus
Brazilian culture, way of life and to live in the moment
A Linha Curva Choreographic Intention
To have fun. Large ensembles to replicate vibrant Brazilian inspired movements, straight lines like a samba parade.
A Linha Curva Dancers
28 (15 men, 13 female)
A Linha Curva Duration
23 minutes
A Linha Curva Aural Setting
Performed by Percossa, based in Holland. 4 musicians. Influenced by Brazilian Samba. They perform on a raised platform at the back of the stage
A Linha Curva Costume
Designed by Itzik Gallili. Black vests, different coloured lycra shorts. Carnival inspired and enhance the impact of the lighting. Adds to the feeling of equality.
A Linha Curva Lighting
Designed by Itzik Gallili. The stage lighting is a chequer-board of different colours. Each dancer has an allocated space in the square. Dancers move with the pre-programmed lighting. Creating a structure and uniformity like a carnival.
A Linha Curva Performance Environment
End Stage
A Linha Curva Staging/ set
No set apart from the raised platform at the back, where the musicians perform.