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Amazon River
A major South American river. It's the second longest river in the world and one of its three major river systems, running about 4,000 miles from the west to east and emptying into the Atlantic Ocean.
Rio Sao Francisco
A river in Brazil, which originates in the state of Minas Gerais. It usually runs north behind the coastal range.
Madeira River
A Brazilian River in South America. one of the world's longest tributaries and the Amazon's River longest tributary.
Magdalena River
The principal river of Colombia in South America. The river that runs through and splits Columbia in half.
Negro River
The largest left tributary of the Amazon and the largest blackwater river in the world.
River Paraguay
One of the major rivers in South America that runs through Brazil and Argentina and Paraguay. The river forms a border between Brazil and Bolivia and Paraguay and Argentina.
Rio Tocantins
A river in Brazil; it's not a branch of the Amazon, which at times have been considered. The river rises at Pireneus a mountainous district that is west of the Federal District. There are 20 smaller branches of the river.
Ucayali River
The river rises approximately 70 miles north of Lake Titicaca in South America, was first called San Miguel. Torres explored it and estimated its length approximately 186 miles from the mouth of the Pachitea to intersection of the Tambo and Urubamba.
Xingu River
The easternmost river leading into Amazon. It is also known as Rio Xingu. Its length is approximately 1, 230 miles that is located in northern Brazil. The river is a tributary of the Amazon from the southeast.
Orinoco River
Mainly in Venezuela, flowing for more than 1500 miles north to the Atlantic Ocean. At the mouth of the river a delta is formed, which branches off into hundreds of rivers and waterways through swarmy forests.
Parana River
One of the three major river systems in Central South America. It runs through Paraguay and Argentina for about 1, 600 miles. The length of river increases to about 2,484 miles if the headwaters of river in Brazil is counted. It's second in size to the Amazon River in South America.