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Exam 2

Review for Exam 2 for Social Psychology
A fellow student is consistently late for class. You assume this is because he is lazy and unorganized. What type of attribution are you making for his behavior?
In _______ cultures, people are less likely to perceive others in terms of personal dispositions.
Researchers had students write essays opposing student control over university curricula. When asked to recall how they had felt about the same issue a week earlier, most of the students
mistakenly "remembered" having felt the same as they do now.
As a teenager, your parents always forced your to clean your room. Now that you are living on your own, you feel no motivation to clean, as there are no parents around to nag you. This is an example of how
attitudes follow behaviors for which we feel some responsibility.
If we want to change ourselves in some important way, it is best to
go ahead and take action even if we don't feel like it.
Research indicates that harming an innocent victim, especially voluntarily, leads one to
disparage the victim to justify the behavior.
Schall and Laird's (2003) research revealed that individuals induced to repeatedly practice happy expressions tended to recall more happy memories and found their happy mood lingered. This is best explained by the
self-perception theory.
The attitudes-follow-behavior effect is strongest when
people feel that they have some choice in their behavior.
The effect of _______ on _______ was vividly demonstrated in Zimbardo's (1971) classic study of a simulated prison.
behaviors; attitudes
The research indicates that if you wish to love someone more, you should
act as if you do.
When people are bribed to do what they already like doing, they start to see their actions as externally controlled rather than intrinsically appealing. This is called the
overjustification effect
Which theory assumes that for strategic reasons, we express attitudes that make us appear consistent?
self-presentation theory
Which theory assumes that we observe our actions for clues about our own attitudes and beliefs?
After hearing a great deal about the benefits of soy products from your friends, you decide to drink soy milk instead of cow's milk. Your behavior is an example of
After President Bush announced his position regarding a possible war with Iraq, he was unlikely to change his mind. This most likely reflects the
fact that public commitment reduces susceptibility to social influence.
High school students Aisha and Jared have been dating each other casually. When Aisha's parents tell her to stop seeing Jared and ask her to go out with "nicer boys," Aisha announces that she and Jared are actually "in love" and have decided to go steady. Aisha's behavior most likely illustrates the effects of
psychological reactance.
Normative influence leads to compliance, especially for those
who are seeking to climb a status ladder.
Researchers have explored several areas in search of the factors affecting conformity. What is one area that affects conformity?
Research on group size and conformity has shown that as group size increases conformity
Rivalry between groups is often most intense when the groups
closely resemble each other.
When Milgram conducted his first series of experiments with a sample of 20- to 50-year-old men, he found that over 60 percent of them went clear to 450 volts. Is this true or false?
Findings using the Asch procedure have found similar conformity rates in most countries, except among the Bantu of Zimbabwe, a tribe with strong sanctions against nonconformity. Is this true or false?