Developmental Psychology 2017 Chapter 7 Study Guide

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What things are true about the physical changes in middle & late childhood ?
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What is the "normal "IQ range ?A person mental age divided by chronological age and multiplied by 100--100+/-15What is the ability to get the gist of something called ?Noun quick summary or the main point of something Fuzzy TraceWhat is Metalinguistic Awareness and what happens to it in middle/late childhood?Knowledge about language understanding what a preposition is. Being able to discuss the sounds of language. Define words as well as use them.Put words together syntax, cultural appropriatenessWhat are whole language and basic-skills-and-phonics approaches to reading?Instruction should be parallel to natural language learning. Phonics- approach written symbols into sounds Vocabulary increases from 14,000-40,000 words categorize by parts of speech.