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how has women's role in full-time employment been a huge change for them and their families?
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what study involved discrimination in the hiring process?john t. mckay vs. joan t. mckay.what was found in a recent study related to the hiring process?women with similar qualifications are offered less money than men.because there is a discrepancy in pay between men and women, what ends up happening?-the gap is never closed, so there is always a difference in pay between men and women. -women don't negotiate for higher salaries as often as men, but when they do, it doesn't work.in discrimination in promotion for women, what is the "glass ceiling"?the invisible barrier that impedes women's career advancement in business, science, and academics.in discrimination in promotion for women, what is the "sticky floor"?the idea that women are often stuck in low-level, dead-end jobs.in discrimination in promotion for women, what is the "glass escalator"?an invisible force that propels men to the top of female-dominated careers (e.g. nursing, librarian, social work).because most workplaces include both men and women, how do unequal roles and gender segregation come into play?-men are often bosses and women are subordinates, which reflects gender stereotypes. -unequal power contributes to sexual harassment."sex role spillover" occurs when...aspects of gender roles affect behavior in the workplace, which puts gender issues into a situation where they are irrelevant.in gender segregation, people in the workplace may lean on ____ rather than the characteristics and position of the person.stereotypes.