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H American History Final Exam

The 1962 Baker vs Carr decision required that legislative seats be apportioned:
d.on a popular basis
In recent decades, the largest number if new Americans has come from:
Who was not opposed to the treaty of Paris?
Theodore Roosevelt
The Sheppard-Towner Act:
provided federal funds for the infant maternity care
George W. Bush decided not to implement this treaty, which had been one of the major accomplishments of his father's term.
Social Effects of the depression included all of the following except:
higher divorce rates.
The "Black Cabinet" was a term used to describe:
activists who met at the home of Mary McLeod Bethune to discuss civil rights strategies
All of the following statements about the film industry of the 1920s are true except:
the movie industry experienced sluggish box office sales after 1925
Which statement best describes Woodrow Wilson's style as president?
He built upon Roosevelets's strong executive authority
Major focuses of Theodore's presidency included all of the following except:
using subsidies to bolster the failing oil standard company
The community of Public Information:
Served as the foundation of the government's pro-war propaganda
The overall effect of the Platt Amendment was to:
restrict Cubas's autonomy at home and abroad
The congressional policy of termination provided one time payments, but little else, to:
Native Americans
Liberal or "modern" protestants:
emphasize building the kingdom of god through social justice
Eugene Debs was arrested and imprisoned for:
Criticizing the government for limiting freedom of speech
The Freedom writers:
challenged the segregation of interstate bus terminals
The content of national security council paper 68 argued that:
military solutions should be encouraged to contain communism
The first female attorney general was appointed by Bill Clinton, She was:
Janet Reno
Which of the following countries was not a member of the warsaw pact in the 1950's?
The was industries board was established to organize all of the following except:
the criteria for drafting soldiers
Which statement about the battle of argonne Forest us true?
The russian's dropped out of the war after the defeat at argonne forest
Which statement best describes the duality causes of for american intervention in cuba?
Americans were motivated by both commercial concerns and their support for freedom
In 1968, the soviet union military suppressed moves toward democracy and liberalization in:
FDR's policies toward Latin America included all of the following except:
Refusing to support dictators
In his July, 1947 Foreign Affairs article, George Kennan argued that:
The united states should seek to "contain" soviet expansion
A turning point in the battle of the Atlantic came when:
A new sonar systme improved the tracking of german u-boats
Which statement best summarizes protest movements in the early years of the depression?
Protesters came from a vast range of social, political and economic interests
President---- was not supportive of American control over Hawaii
effects of the Korean War included all of the following except:
The soviet UNion was once again convince of the UNites State's invulnerability
William Howard Taft's support for the sixteenth amendment opened up a period when:
the federal government expanded activities and responsibilities
suffragists won their first victories in the
McCarthy's accusations reached absurdity when he claimed communist agents included:
secratary of state George Marshal
How many states currently declare english their official langauge?
one effect of the congressional committee's questioning of Anita Hill was:
millions of women were angered by the badgering of US senators
Commodore George Dewey led the AMericans to victory:
In Manila Bay
one reason for the widespread support for a larger navy was:
Its use to expand and protect America's international trade
All of the following statements about the NRA are true except
The supreme court upheld its constituitionality in 1935
During the Harding administration, the supreme court:
became substantially more pro-business
American troops played a key role in all of the following battles except:
somme river
after Richard Nixon's election, it became apparent that:
he did not have a secret plan to end the war
one of Herbert Hoover's few relief measures was creation of the:
reconstruction finance corporation
Operation Overlord was codename for the:
D-day attack
in the election of 1996, Hispanic voters, alienated by anti-immigrant rhetoric from the republicans, helped clinton take these usually republican states
florida and arizona
The main reason behind Harry Truman's decision to drop the atomic bomb was:
American officials believed the japanese would fight up to the point of annihilation
In the first few years of the war:
total employment improved
Supporters of the international Nuclear Force Agreement did not include:
The defense department and the CIA
Section 7A of the National Industrial Recovery Act:
garunteed workers the right to collective bargaining
John Kennedy's New Frontier focused on:
creating a new era of scientific and social progress
Before 1950, The United States:
did not perceive Korea as a vital element of US policy in Asia
Harry Truman's economic package was known as the:
fair deal
Who was NOT a candidate in the three-way presidential race in 1992?
Bob Dole
Martin Luther King Jr was the founder of the:
Southern Christian Leadership Conference
in 1963, many americans were sickened by:
violence committed by authorities against civil rights activists in Birmingham, Alabama
After the depression in the meid-19902, a majority of Americans began to:
feel the new measures were needed to promote social progress/
A major difference between Theodore Roosevelt and the presidents of the Gilded Era was:
Roosevelt was much more aggressive in his use of presidential power
The main purpose of the Truman Doctrine was to:
use economic power to help free nations resist subversion or aggression
Tapes of white house meetings revealed that President Nixon
had lied about his innocence in the watergate cover up
Examples of jobs in the information economy include all of the following except:
hospital orderlies
In little Rock, Arkansas, in 1957:
federal students ensured the safety of clack students from angry white mobs
Which of the following changed the composition of the American people by abolishing the national quota system, which had been in effect since 1924?
The immigration and nationality act of 1965
By 1939, Nazi concentration camps held people who were mostly
socialists, homosexuals and beggars
A "rainbow coalition" that encouraged a wider commitment to social justice was led by:
Jesse jackson
who was sworn in as president after John Kennedy's death?
Lyndon Johnson
The main use of the espionage act was to:
harass and arrest leaders of the anti-war movement
A housing reform leader who worked at university settlement in New York was:
Lawrence veiller
communities such as El Paso, Texas and SanDiego, California are example of:
The existence of a cross-border economy
On memorial day in Chicago in 1937:
police fired on strikers and their families, killing ten people
What statements about riots in urban ghettos in the 1960s is true?
The riots showed frustrations of residents who had legitimate grievances
All of the following were true about were true about conditions for clacks on the home front except:
blacks were not allowed to get jobs at shipyards or steel mills
Which statement about the female workforce during the war is not true?
women gained clerical work, but did not work in war-production industries
Inflation and declining incomes led to
more women entering the workplace
As a nations productivity increased:
wages were not proportionally raised
The earliest fascist aggression took place when
japan launched a brutal invasion of China
In 1964 Barry Goldwater called for
Aggressive confrontation with communism
Troubling aspects of watergate scandal included all of the following except
john deans refusal to tell the truth at senate hearings
The nineteenth amendment
gave women the right vote
Germany resorted to submarine warfare
in its effect to break England's naval blockades on trade with the central power
government propaganda promoted all of the following themes except
discouraging prejudice against german americans and anti-war activists
Outcomes of the Persian Gulf war included all of the following except
the toppling Saddam Hussein
Economic problems during the early 1970s included all of the following except
25% unemployment
the crucial role encapturing san juan hill was played by
the tenth negro cavalry
a major industrial trend of the 1920s was
the concentration of wealth in the largest firms of an industry
All of the following are true about working conditions in the early 1900s except
industrialists refused to resort the subdivisions of labor
jazz had its root in --- music
african american
what did president coolidge call "one of the most potent influences" on modern life
advertising industry
in february 1960 four black college students began a trend toward mass involvement in
lunch counter sit-ins
cultural conservatives have aggressively backed efforts to
prevent states from protecting homosexual's rights
suburbanization in the 1920s
was made possible by the success of the automobile
in his novel, A Farewell to Arms, earnest Hemingway
rejected traditional values and the idealism of his youth
The american strategy in the pacific has often been called
island hopping
The seventeenth amendment
provided for the direct popular election of us senators
The atlantic charter of 1941
provided a political framework for the possibility of American involvement
Effects of the Soviet Union launching of sputnik included all of the following except:
many americans believed that sputnik's inferior quality revealed american superiority
in the first years of the depression, personal income:
personal income dropped by more than half
FDR supported the National Wagner Labor Reactions Act
after he recognized that both the public and the congress supported it
Native Americans have downplayed tribal differences in order to
secure better opportunities for native americans as a group
The case of University of California vs Bakke is a landmark court case about
affirmative acton
The agricultural adjustment administration attempted to
raise farm incomes by attacking overproduction
Which of the following statements about women in the early 1900s is not true?
fewer working women were choosing to get married
The recession of 1937 was actually rooted in
a decision to return to some conservative "retrenchment" policies