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Chapter 35


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Iran hostage crisis
the event that tarnished Carter's reputation where 50 Americans were taken hostage in Iran; the hostages are released the day that Reagan comes to power
Ayotollah Khomeini
the militant Islamic leader who took power in Iran, starting the Iran hostage crisis
Ronald Reagan
the republican candidate and winner from the 1980 election; former actor from California
New Right
the name for Reagan's largest group of supporters; political conservatives
Moral Majority
a Fundamentalist Christian organization that was a large part of the New Right Group
he was a reverend who led the moral majority
the term for Reagan's desire to have less government control in the economy
Supply-side economics
the theory arguing that lowering the top income tax rates would spur economic growth; trickle-down economics
Strategic Defense Initiative
this was Reagan's proposal of a space based missile defense system that would "kill weapons"
an independent trade union formed in Poland
a Polish electrician who led the Solidarity trade union; helped launch strikes protesting high prices and demanding the right to form trade unions free from government or Communist Party control
a moderate leader in El Salvador who was supported by the US
Rebels that took over in Nicaragua
Opposing side to the Sandinistas in Nicaragua supported by the US; we supported them but they turned out to be the bad guy
Democratic nominee in the election of 1984
Geraldine Ferraro
Walter Mondale's running mate in the 1984 election; she was the first woman to run on a major-party presidential ticket
Sandra Day O'Connor
she was the Supreme Court justice appointed by Reagan; first woman ever on the Supreme Court
Gramm-Rudman Hollings Act
this required automatic across the board cuts in government spending once the deficit exceeded a certain amount
Insider Trading
the use of confidential finance info for personal gain
S&L crisis
this was when the government had to pay billions to cover losses of S&L and bank deposits; it weakened many people's confidence in the health of the economy
Iran-Contra Affair
when, without informing congress, Reagan's administration used money from arms dealing to Iran to fund Contra war in Nicaragua
Oliver North
the lieutenant behind the Iran-contra affair; funneled millions from the weapon sale to the contras
SU leader who helped end the cold war with the US
Gorbachev's policy of openness that promised more freedom for the Soviet people
Gorbachev's plan to restructure the Soviet government and economy (increase trade, less military spending)
Intermediate-range nuclear forces treaty
Eliminated all medium-range nuclear weapons from Europe and withdrew SU troops from Afghanistan
NASA spacecraft holding crew members and one civilian that exploding upon takeoff
Christa McAuliffe
Social studies teacher aboard the Challenger
Deadly disease that emerged in the 80s: acquired immune deficiency syndrome which was the final stage of the virus HIV
Jesse Jackson
Black leader who sought the democratic nomination in 1988 by appealing to a wide range of voters
Governor of MA who won the democratic nomination in 1988
Michael Dukakis's running mate in the 1988 election
George Bush
Reagan's former VP who won the election of 1988
Dan Quayle
Senator from Indiana and Bush's VP
Commonwealth of Independent States
Nation that Russia formed after taking over the SU from Gorbachev
Operation desert storm
When the US and other nations bombed Iraq after they failed to pull out of Kuwait
General on operation desert storm
Colin Powell and Dick Cheney
Joint Chiefs of Staff
Americans with Disabilities Act
this prohibits discrimination of people with physical and mental disabilities in employment, transportation, telephone services and public buildings
Polish Workers Movement
Pope John Paul II was a supporter of this