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Chapter 36


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Bill Clinton
the governor from Arkansas who beat Bush in the presidential election of 1992
Hillary Clinton
President Clinton's wife and one of his key advisers
Ross Perot
he ran for president in 1992 from the Independent party; known for his use of public forums in his campaign
Contrast with America
this pledged a balanced budget amendment and other reforms
Newt Gingrich
he was the republican speaker of the house during Clinton's administration
Nelson Mandela
a black rights activists and long-time prisoner in South Africa who became president when apartheid ended
Operation Restore Hope
this was created by the UN to provide famine relief for Somalia
Arafat and Rabin
Palestinian and Israeli leaders (respectively) that signed a peace treaty together under Clinton's help
he was Libya's leader who was linked to various terrorist attacks that resulted in the death of Americans
Bob Dole
the Republican candidate for president defeated by Clinton in 1996
Reform Party
this party represented by Ross Perot in the 1996 election; promised to change politics in the nation's capital
he was the federal Reserve Chairman credited with the reversal of stagflation under Clinton
Rodney King
a black motorist beaten by 4 LA policemen
LA riot
When 4 white policemen were accused of beating Rodney King (black motorist)
Initiative on Race
this was launched by Clinton to encourage people to discuss racial issues and concerns
he was killed by white racists in Texas
he was part of the Independent Counsel that investigated Clinton's financial history
the resident of Yugoslavia
Kosovo Crisis
When Serbian citizens killed Albanians in the Yugoslavian province of Kosovo
Madeleine Albright
she was the secretary of State under Clinton; handled Kosovo crisis
Joint space station project between US and Russia
Shannon Lucid
she was the astronaut aboard the Mir who broke the record for most consecutive days in space
John Glenn
he was the 1st American to orbit earth and the oldest American to fly in space
Bill Gates
he was the head of Microsoft and a leader in the computer revolution
the computer-based communications and information system enabling users to communicate worldwide, join discussion groups and gather info in countless databases
World Wide Web
this linked internet sites offering text, animation and graphics covering an endless range of topics; developed by scientists in Switzerland
Telecommunications Act
this attempted to regulate indecency of the internet
Y2K bug
When people thought the year 2000 ('00) would come and computer systems would read it as 1900 and reset
Immigration act of 1990
this set a permanent limit of 675,000 immigrants per year after 1994; Prevented immigrants from receiving welfare and increased border security
Family and medical leave act
this required large companies to provide workers up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave
European Union
this Western European trading bloc formed in 1993; it was designed to allow capital, goods, and labor to move freely among member nations
North American Free Trade Agreement
this was providing a lowering of tariffs and other trade barriers with US, Canada and Mexico
Multinational Corporations
the term for companies that invest money in businesses around the world
Chernobyl Disaster
the nuclear power plant accident in Chernobyl that sent a radioactive cloud across Europe
the collection and processing of waste items for reuse
Al Gore
he was the democratic nominee in the 2000 election
George W. Bush
Son of George Bush Sr. and Republican nominee/winner in the 2000 election
Bush v. Gore
Supreme court case dealing with the recounted votes in Florida; Bush demanded they stop the recounting
World Trade Center
the name of the buildings that were hit by 2 American Airlines flights during a terrorist attack on 9/11/01
the headquarters of the US military located in DC that was also hit with a plane on 9/11/01
he was the mayor of New York during 9/11
the PA governor that was appointed to head the new cabinet position- Homeland Security after 9/11
the Secretary of Defense during 9/11
Colin Powell
the Secretary of State who led US to build an international coalition against terrorism to isolate the Taliban