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Orbicularis oculi
A guy comes to see you because he has dry eyes and an everted inferior eyelid. What muscle is paralysed?
Cavernous Sinus Thrombosis
A woman has an abscess on the side of her nose. Knowing that the valveless facial vein drains this area, your greatest concern is that the woman could develop...
Trigeminal neuralgia
A man has sudden, excruciating attacks of facial pain which can be set off by chewing, hair brushing the face etc. he probably has
aberrant accessory meningeal artery
Trigeminal neuralgia is often caused by the compression of the sensory root of CN V by...
No, this is V2 shingles and not an emergency. It would be if the NOSE were affected (look for Hutchinson's sign - HZ lesions at tip, side or root of nose), as this is V1 and could lead to blindness.
A patient has pain in the cheek and you diagnose with shingles. Is this a medical emergency?
Bert Newton's getting another facelift. Will the incisions follow the relaxed skin tension lines of Kraissl or the lines of cleavage (Langer's lines) for best results?
facial nerve, ECA, retromandibular vein, parotid lymph nodes
What goes through the parotid gland?
Pituitary tumour...(optic chiasm is below and in front of the pituitary gland)
A man has lost vision in the upper, outermost fields of vision in both eyes and is getting headaches. What's a possible diagnosis?
In TMJ dislocation, the heads of the mandible move _________ to the tubercle of the zygomatic process.
Temporalis muscle spasm
Why is the jaw locked in the open position with TMJ dislocation?
Tearing of inferior alveolar artery (necrosis of jaw, chin, lower teeth); tearing of inferior alveolar nerve (loss of sensation of lower teeth).
What are 2 possible complications of TMJ dislocation?
Lateral pterygoid
ALL muscles of mastication close the mouth except for...
Ankylosis of TMJ, chronic TMJ non-union or mal-union, injury to hypoglossal nerve
Usually a fractured mandible results in TWO fracture sites on opposite sides of the mandible. What are some complications that can result?
Left hypoglossal nerve palsy
Barry presents to the ER after being punched in the jaw. You ask him to poke out his tongue and it points to the left side. What's your diagnosis?
Highly anastamosed area
Why is there such severe epistaxis in Little's area?
Most of the tongue drains to the _______________ lymph node.
The tip of the tongue drains directly to a [deep/superficial] lymph node
Piriform fossa
If you swallow a chicken bone, where is it likely to get caught on the way down?
Internal laryngeal
If you choke on a chicken bone, it's likely to pierce the mucous membrane and injure the ______________________ nerve.
Through the sphenoidal sinus
How do surgeons access pituitary tumours?
middle nasal meatus
The maxillary sinus drains UPWARDS into the ______________
C6 - lower border of thyroid cartilage
At what level should you take a carotid pulse?
III, IV, V1, V2
What goes through the wall of the cavernous sinus?
What goes through the cavernous sinus?