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What are HIPPA responsibilities
1 respect the the patient's rights to privacy
2 know the facilities privacy policies
3 be sensitive
What does HIPPA stand for
Health insurance portability and accountability act
Patient confidentiality
Keeping information about the patient's healthcare private information is shared only with those who need to know to perform their duties on behalf of the patient
What is pHI
Protected health information
What is a transaction
In exchange of information between two parties to carry out financial or administrative activities related to healthcare
What is HIPPA
Patients have the right to keep health information private and secure
What information is covered by HIPPA
Confidentiality and privacy
What rights to patients have?
1 expect privacy in information from intrusions or disturbances regarding his personal affairs
2 expect that all communications or records concerning his/her care will be treated as confidential information will be shared only with those who need to know the information to perform their duties on behalf of the patient
3 review the records pertaining to his/her medical care
What must be kept confidential?
1 did you learn the information through caring for your patient
2 if yes than its confidential
Understanding PHI
1 created by healthcare provider
2 information that is reasonably based to identify the patient
3 relates to past present or future physical or mental condition of the individual
4 is transmitted or maintained in any form electronic paper or oral presentation
what our privacy protected elements
1 name
2 full address
3 names of relatives
4 names of employers
5 birth date
6 telephone numbers
7 fax numbers
8 electronic email
9 Social Security number
10 medical record number
11 health plan beneficiary number
12 account number
13 license number
14 vehicle or other device serial number
have nor
15 universal web resource locator URL
16 Internet protocol number
17 finger or voice prints
18 photographic images
19 any other unique identifying number characteristic code that could be used to identify the patient
What items must be included in the HIPPA notice
1 medical information is used to close by an organization
2 how to access and obtain a copy of their medical records
3 summary of patients rate and facility responsibilities under HIPPA
4 how to file a complaint and contact information for filing a complaint
Discussions of PHI
1 staff will discuss patient information treatment plan and minimize risk that others can overhear conversation
2 dozen of PHR's never occur in public areas such as the cafeteria elevators
3 possessions can occur at the nursing station in with the patient in the treatment area
Minimum necessary what can I ask accesses a student
Only information you need to know to care for the assigned patient
When patient's right to access
1 access or inspect their health record
2 obtained a copy of their health record from the healthcare provider
3 reasonable fees may be charged for copy
4 access and copying for as long as the information is retained
5 facility must act for access within 10 days
What patient's rights to request privacy restrictions?
1 patient has the right to request restricted use and disclosure of their PHI
2 can request restriction in use of information for treatment payment or healthcare operation purposes
3 organization is not required to agree with the request for restriction
4 request must be made in writing
5 no staff level individual should accept any requested restrictions
What are the patient's rights to amend P HI
1 patients have the right to request an amendment to their PHI
Definition of AMEND
The right to add/revise information with which he disagrees. The original information is not removed from the record but an amended or corrected information is added to the record.
What is disclosure?
The release transfer access or divulging of P HI to the outside person or entity students do not put in this process
When can when can disclosure occur without the patient's consent?
en required by law
2 public health activities could to control disease injury or disability
3 for disaster relief
4 in cases of abuse and neglect
5 corners funeral directors in organ donation
6 legal proceedings
7 workers compensation
8 cases of communicable diseases
What are student responsibilities?
1.before entering the room
2 identify yourself as a student
3 closed-door after entering room
4 ask visitors to leave room unless patient requests otherwise
5 speak softly if roommate present
6 sign in sheets minimal amount of P HI
7 street address or reason for visit should not be on sign in sheets
8 do not leave pH I out the open where others may view finish working on it and put it back where it belongs
9 shred all documents with pH I do not put a garbage do not take them home
10 speak softly when you're at the nurses station discussing pH I best use private area
11 computer screen facing away from visitors not visible patients or other unauthorized persons
12 always log off when leaving the computer
13 change password on your computer if required by clinical facility
14 do not share login information or password with anyone else
never use pH high in email attachments or an email itself for the following reasons
15 Do not post to Facebook with PHI
16 to not take photos of patients
17.photocopy medical records
do not use fax machine