CNN News Quiz 10/20/17 - 10/27/17

Who is the prime minister of Japan, who called for the snap (or early) election that was held on Sunday?
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What action did U.S. President Donald Trump recently decide NOT to take regarding an international nuclear deal with Iran?He decided not to scrap the new planName the second most populated country in the world, which is expected to become the most populated in seven years.IndiaWhat African nation, which has been considered a "failed state," has struggled with war, natural disasters, and terrorism like a recent attack in Mogadishu?SomaliaName the type of small stars that scientists believe collided 130 million years ago, creating a blue burst that was observed on Earth in August.Neutron starsName the city in northern Syria from which the ISIS terrorist group was recently driven out after years of occupying it and declaring it ISIS' capital.RaqqaXi Jinping is the leader of what nation, whose national Communist Party congress began on Wednesday?ChinaName the ethnic group in northern Iraq that recently clashed with Iraqi government troops who were sent to take back control of the city of Kirkuk.KurdishBeneath what historical landmark in Jerusalem did archaeologists recently find the remains of what appears to be a Roman theater?Western Wall Plaza Wilson's ArchA new record high in the U.S. stock market was reached on October 19, the same date of what historic event in 1987?Black Monday - worst stock crashIn what nation did scientists conduct a 27-year study on flying insects, concluding their numbers had drastically declined?Germany