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20th Century Quiz 27

French president Charles de Gaulle attempted to return France to the status of a world power by
investing heavily in nuclear weapons
In 1970, four students at ____ were killed by the Ohio National Guard during an antiwar demonstration.
Kent State University
The Berlin Wall was built in order to
prevent East Germans from defecting to West Germany
The Council for Mutual Economic Assistance, founded in 1949, was
the Soviet Union's response to the Marshall Plan
The Marshall Plan was designed to
restore the economic stability of European nations after World War II.
The Truman Doctrine stated that the U.S. would provide ____ to nations threatened by Communist expansion.
The Warsaw Pact sought to
create a military alliance between the Soviet Union and various Eastern European nations.
The "Bay of Pigs" refers to
a U.S. attempt to overthrow the Cuban government.
U.S. fears about the spread of communism were increased when ____ became a Communist nation in 1949.
When the Soviet Union launched the Sputnik I satellite in 1957, many Americans feared that
the Soviet Union was ahead of the U.S. in the production of missiles
Which Communist nation remained independent of Soviet control?
Which nation declined economically after World War II?
Great Britain
Which nation experienced an "economic miracle" after World War II?
West Germany
Which of the following nations was a member of the Warsaw Pact?
Which U.S. president signed into law the Civil Rights Act?
Lyndon Johnson