GEOG Midterm II


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Many people credit this person as the originator of an American environmental philosophy
Henry David Thoreau
Which energy source is predicted to be the fastest growing in this century?
Natural gas
The presence of wheat, sugarcane, and horses in the Americas is an example of ________.
ecological imperialism
ecological imperialism
the introduction of exotic plants and animals into a new ecosystem
What is an example of ecotourism?
Hiring a local guide to swim with sea turtles
What is an example of environmental land-use "modification"?
Changing a shopping mall into a school
Which of the following is a contributing factor in the desertification of the Sahel region of Africa?
What does ANT stand for?
Actor-network theory
The combination of traits characteristic of a particular group is known as __________.
diaspora cultural complex
Which of the following statements regarding ethnicity in China is correct?
The Uyghur ethnic group demands greater control over their territory.
Which of the following statements regarding actor-network theory (ANT) is correct?
ANT recognizes that humans coexist with nonhumans.
Which of the following is the study of human customs and beliefs and includes the study of the sense of human territoriality?
After graduation, you may feel a sense of attachment to your university and the town or region where it is located. Which of the following words describes this feeling?
Which of the following is an example of a "derelict landscape"?
A city neighborhood full of abandoned factories
Which of the following terms describes the concentration of skilled labor (people), resources, and regulated businesses in one place?
Agglomeration economy
Cosmopolitanism can be defined as ________.
a willingness to engage with experiences, people, and products from other cultures.
Which of the following research projects would fit within the approach of "landscape as text"?
Examining the meanings behind signs in a shopping mall