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The best definition of word "crucible" as it applies in the play?

A severe test or trial

Before the action of the play begins, Betty Parris and her friends...

have been caught dancing in the woods

Tituba is from ___ and devoted to _____?


Reverand Parris's Neice

Abigail Williams

What does Abigail believe about her dismissal from the Proctor's service?

Elizabeth Proctor fired her, not John

What is Ann Putnam's greatest grief?

Seven of her children died in infancy

Why is Reverang John Hale summoned?

He is an expert on witchcraft and can help salem

Setting of the play

Salem Massachusetts, 1692

What did Tituba do in the forest?

Sang songs of Barbados

What does John Proctor predict will happen to Abigail before she's twenty?

She will be put in the stocks

In the Overture, Miller says that Salem was run as a....


Which of the following best describes John Proctor?

Intelligent and independent

According to Miller, the reason the Massachusetts Colony survived was that the Puritans were...

a tightly controlloed, communal society

When Betty first falls ill, reverend Parris is most concerned with...

his own reputation

Arthur Miller gives us valuable information about Abigail's character when he says in a stage direction that she....

has a great capacity for lying

Betty is likely to be in a trancelike state because...

she fears punishment for being caught dancing in the woods

When Abigail threatens Betty, Abigail is motivated by her....

fear of the villagers knowing everything they did in the woods

Abigail accusses Goody Good and Goody Osburn of whichcraft because...

she can persuade Mrs. Putnam and not be punished

Giles Corey says that his wife has been reading strange books because...

he wants to ask about something he thinks is important

When he comes in from planting, what suggestion does John Proctor make to his wife concerning the house?

he suggests that she bring in some flowers

Elizabeth is afriad that her husband is....

still interested in Abigail

The people who have been accused of being witches by the court may save themselves from hanging by....

confessing to being witches

What reason does John Proctor give Reverend Hale for his absence from church?

He does not think that Reverand Parris is godly

Hale comes to the Proctor's House to....

ask the proctors some questions

Which commandment does John forget when Hale asks him to recite the 10 commandments?

Thou shalt not adulter

What is Hale's advice to the Proctors as he prepares to leave?

Go to church and baptize the young child

What is unusual about the doll that Mary Warren makes for Elizabeth?

It has a needle stuck in its stomach

Ezekial Cheever is

the clerk of the court

As Elizabeth is led away to jail, what does John demand of Marry Warren?

that she inform the court that Abigail is lying

One of the chief conflicts established in Act 2 is between

John Proctor and Ezekial Cheever

Marshal Herrick is shamefaced when he appears at the proctor's house because he

comes to take away Elizabeth

Marry Warren's motivation for joining the girls in their accusations of witchcraft is

that she is a lonely girl who craves friends and attention

Elizabeth says that Abigail accuses her of being a witch because Abigail....

wants to get rid of Elizabeth so she can have John

Deputy Governor Danforth

seems proud and does not like his authority challenged

When John Proctor appears at the general court with evidence that the accusations are frauds...

Ezekiel Cheever says that John Plows on Sundays

What deal does Danforth try to make with Proctor?

if he will drop charges, Danforth will not try Elizabeth for a year

In Act 3, the person who begins to have doubts about the rightness of the witch trials is....

Reverand John Hale

Who is the richest man in the village who can afford to buy the land forfeited by George Jacobs if Jacobs hangs as a witch?

Thomas Putnam

What does Hathorne ask Marry Warren to do in court that she cannot do?


What does Abigail do as soon as Danforth begins to question her?

She threatens him

What secret does Proctor reveal to prove that the girls are lying?

He says that Abigail seeks vengance

What does John tell the court about his wife?

She will NOT lie

How do the girls in the courtroom terrorize Mary Warren?

They repeat everything that she says

Who is taken to jail at the end of act three?

Giles Corey and John Proctor

Danforth does not want to find out that the girls' accusations are false because he...

will be blamed for the deaths of innocent people

Elizabeth's motivation for lying about John's affair is that....

she is embarrassed and does not want anyone to know

At opening of act 4, Ezekiel Cheever reveals that

there is much confusion and disagreement in the town

What news does Reverend Parris give the court in act 4

Mercy lewis and Abigail have stolen Parris's money and disappeared

Which two men urge Danforth to postpone witch trials because a rebellion seems possible?

Hale and Parris

What does John Hale urge Elizabeth to do?

Persuade her husband to confess to witchcraft

How does Giles Corey die?

Crushed with stones

John tells Elizabeth that he has not confessed to being a witch because...

he does not want to confess to a lie to contemptible ppl

Elizabeth blames herself for....

John's affair with Abigail

Elizabeth tells John that she kept a cold house, meaning....

that she was not a loving or proper wife

What does John want from Elizabeth?

Her approval for his confession to witchcraft

What is one thing that John cannot do?

allow his lie to be made public

In his confession, John admits to...

seeing the devil

Danforth does not want to postpone the hangings because...

people will think Danforth doubts the validity of the trials

When John goes to the gallows and Elizabeth says that her husband has his "goodness now" she means that...

by tearing up the confession, he feels he has regained his honor

Why does Elizabeth refuse to influence John's decisions whether to confess?

She feels he must face his own conscience and make his own decision

John wants to be corageuous like _____ and ____ and not confess

Rebecca Nurse and Martha Corey

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