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From Creation to the Patriarchs

Macro Creation, Fall of Satan, Micro Creation, Nano Creation, Four Cycles of Sin Judgement and Salvation

The Patriarchs

Abraham and the Covenant, Isaac, Jacob and Sons, Joseph

Slavery, Exodus, Wanderings, and Conquest

In Egypt to Exodus, Exodus to Mt. Sinai, Mt. Sinai through Wilderness Wanderings, Conquest Under Joshua


Sin, War As Judgement, and Deliverance, and Judges 17:6 + 21:25

Rise and Development of the Monarchy to the Glory of Solomon

Saul, David, and Solomon and their hearts. Wisdom and Poetic Literature.

Divided Kingdom to the Babylonian Captivity or Exile

Northern Kingdom, Southern Kingdom, Role of a Prophet, Role of Assyria and Babylon

Return from Exild

Persia, Rebuilding walls of temples

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