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Curt flood
First player to challenge reserve clause, it cost him his career
Joe DiMaggio
Outfielder for the New York Yankees who hit in 56 straight games, first player to be payed 100,000$
Doak walker
Former smu running back in the 40's, won the heisman, played six seasons with the lions
Expansion franchises in 61-62
Houston colt .45s and the NY Mets
Move of Giants and dodgers
Moved to California 1959
St. Louis Browns relocation
Moved to Baltimore now the orioles
Year of the pitcher
1968 only 1 player hit over .300
Roone Arledge
ABC television executive responsible for Wide World of Sports in 1961 also known for Monday night football
Greatest political rival in Cold War
Soviet Union
3 greatest pieces of ucla dynasty
Wooden, lew alcender, Bill Walton
1951 nl championship series
Giants win with the shot heard round the world first nationally televised game
24 second shot clock
Rule change that saved basketball
Vince Lombardi
Famous Green Bay packer coach known for his quotes, super bowl trophy is named after him
ABA franchises that merged
San Antonio Spurs, new yolk nets,Indiana pacers, and the Denver Nuggets
Most important super bowl
Super bowl 3
Bill Russell
Center from San Fan university won numerous titles with the Celtics wilts greatest rival
Undefeated Miami
Led by don Shula only undefeated team ever
Woody hayes
Fired for punching opposing teams player Ohio state coach
OJ Simpson
First player to run for 2000 yards for the bills
Archie griffen
Only 2 time heisman winner
Johnny unitas
Baltimore Colts hall of fame QB
Don Shula on defense
Invented the 3-4
Lamar hunt
If Chiefs owner helped AFL be successful
Marion motley
Broke nfl color barrier
Pete Rozelle
Ushered in the NFL's "Golden Age" as commissioner
Jim brown
Browns RB led league in rushing 8 out of his 9 seasons only player ever to run for 5 yards per carry
Chuck bendarick
Last 2 way player in nfl
Texas Western Miners 1966
All black team beat all white Kentucky in national championship
Billie Jean King
Female tennis player opened up sports more for women
Billy mills
Native American Olympian won gold in 10,000 m
Sonny Liston
Former heavy weight champ lost to Cassius clay Aka Ali
Spencer haywood
Pro basketball player used hard ship clause to declare for the draft early
AAFC franchises merged into the nfl
I don't wanna list them ash has a small dick
Muhammad Ali's famous fights
Liston 1 and 2 , foreman v Ali, Frazier v ali 1 and 2
First league to allow true free agency
Chuck noll
Steelers coach during their dynasty in the 70s
Don coryell
Advanced passing in NFL using numbered routes
Larry birds draft status
Drafted his junior year Celtics used a loophole and signed him after his senior season
Expansion of ncaa tournament
expanded from 16-32-64
Norte dame and bowls
Didn't enter bowls until 1969
Oklahoma football
Won 47 strait games
College football rivalries
Idk look them up nerds
Baseball realignment and expanded playoffs
1958 nfl champion ship game
Baltimore Colts v the Giants colts won 23-17
George Steinbrenner bought the Yankees
Paul brown
Browns coach successful in both college and the pros won several titles with the Browns
Carlton Fisk
Aka pudge, Red Sox catcher famous for his game six WS homeruns to send the series to a game 7
Marvin Miller
Former leader of players association destroyed reserve clause
Willie mays
Giants CF 660 career HR some say best player ever
Sandy koufax
He was a facking Jew dominate until age 30 where injuries forced him to retire
Micky mantle
Yankees CF over 500 career homeruns heavy drinker
Willie Stargell
Pirates first baseman known as pops helped them win a World Series
Frank Robinson
Only player every to win MVP in 2 leagues first African American manager
Roberto Clemente
Puerto Rican player and racial activist finished career with exactly 3000 hits
Henry Aaron
All time leader in homeruns until Barry bonds 765 I think
Roy Campanella
Dodgers catcher former MVP ended up paralyzed from car accident
No state basketball
Broke uclas winning streak
Nba struggles
Wasn't popular and the pace of play was to slow not enough scoring
NCAA realignment
Made the tournament 64 games in 1980