chapter 5: Policing in the 21st century study guide

what % of the US citizens have a great deal of confidence in police?
Supreme court?
Criminal Justice?
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What are the positive benefits of being a police detective?Detectives enjoy higher pay, higher status, less night work, more flexible hours, interesting jobThe chance of solving a crime is closely related to __________ & ____________________________?reponse time & time to make the arrest______ is a major job of the police, about _____ of officers work ___________ units?traffic 7% traffic unitsVice work involves very degrading activies which include_____?posing as drug dealers, or even prostitutesWhat did the kansas city Preventive patrol Experiiment showed?increasing vehicle patrol by 4x in a certain given area had little effect on amount of crime reported in that areaWhy is foot patrol considered important so successful in community policing?by police getting to know the public a lot easier.In large geographical area _______ are necessary especially in rural areas to serve and protect the people.Vehicle PatrolsHow did New York greatly reduced crime ?add more foot patrol decentralizeing authority to the precinct level stressing officers accountability 0 tolerance on certain crimes responding more quickly to the statistics showing problems arising in different areas within the citywhat are the 4 components of the community policing model?1) Community-based crime prevention 2) Changing the focus of patrol activities to nonemergency services 3) Making police more accountable to the public 4) Decentralizing decision making to include residentswhat is a great concept for successful policing?"police must view the citizens as your customers"community crime prevention is much more successful in __________ & _____________communities?Affluent and middle class communitieswhat are the 3 things successsful cat burglars look for when casing homes?Whether or not there is outdoor lighting on, whether or not there is a dog and whether or not the door is unlocked.What is so special about the Patriot Act? what does it mean?The Patriot Act is a federal statute passed in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001 that broadened government authority to conduct searches and wire taps and expands the definitions of crime involving terrorism. It is and has been important in protecting the U.S. from further terrorist attacks.What is the highest paid CJ profession? what is the lowest paid CJ profession?Private Security Administrators Private SecurityWhat factors make policing in a multicultural society difficult?Stereotyping, cultural differences, languages differencesHow are citizens watch groups and similar programs helpful to the policeThey assist the police by reporting incidents and providing informationwhat are the 3 different decision making delayes type to slow process of calling the police:Ambiguity delay- not sure the police should be called Coping delay-people too busy taking care of of victim or directing traffic to leave to call police conflict delay- people must 1st resolve conflict before calling the police.