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Yr 9 Sc - Health 7-2 Nervous Control

Autonomic nervous system
the system controlling involuntary actions such as the heartbeat.
a nerve fibre that sends nerve impulses away from the cell body.
Brain stem
part of the brain where the spinal cord enters the skull. It controls the body's vital functions, such as breathing, blood pressure and heart rate.
Cell body
the part of the neuron that contains the nucleus.
Central nervous system (CNS)
the brain and the spinal cord.
part of the brain that controls conscious thoughts, controls the movement of every body part, and receives sensory messages from each body part.
branches from the cell body that receive messages from other neurons.
muscles or glands that put the messages into effect.
the lower half of the brain stem.
Motor neurons
nerve cells that carry messages from the CNS to effectors.
Myelin sheath
the insulating layer that covers a neuron.
Nerve impulse
the electrical message carried by a nerve cell.
a nerve cell.
a chemical message released at the end of an axon to be received by the next neuron's dendrites.
Optic nerve
the nerve that carries messages to the brain from the retina at the back of the eye.
Parasympathetic nervous system
autonomic nervous system that slows the body down and controls it when it is resting.
Peripheral nervous system (PNS)
the nerves that carry messages to and from the central nervous system and other parts of the body.
special cells that detect stimuli.
Reflex arc
sensory nerve, interneuron, motor nerve + connections to the brain.
Sensory neurons
nerve cells that carry messages from cells in the sense organs to the CNS.
Somatic nervous system
part of the nervous system that coordinates the movement of the body and receives information from the sensory organs.
any factor that stimulates a receptor and brings about a response.
Sympathetic nervous system
autonomic nervous system that speeds up the function of the body and makes the body work more efficiently.
the space between two neurons.
Controls coordination and balance
Nerve that links cells in the CNS