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Causes of the American Revolution Part 2


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"No taxation without represnetation"
slogan used to explain the patriot point of view
Stamp Act
British tax on all paper products
refusing to buy or participate in an activity in order to bring about change
the British took away the Stamp Act because they were losing money
Sons of Liberty
Group of American patriots who protested British actions
Sam Adams
leader of the Sons of Liberty
Townshend Acts
British tax on glass, led, paper, paint, and other products
Boston Massacre
event in which 5 colonists were killed by British red coats
technique used to convince people of your point of view
total control over a product
Intolerable Acts
British act designed to punish the people of Boston for the Tea Party
Boston Tea Party
Sons of Liberty dumped the tea into Boston Harbor to protest the Tea Act
First Continental Congress
meeting of American leaders after the Intolerable Acts held to help the people of Boston
Paul Rever
warned the minutemen that the "Redcoats were coming"
"Shot heard around the world"
Lexington and Concord