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When a person is unable to reproduce


Made up of coiled tubules in which sperm are produced


Hormone that produces secondary sex characteristics in males


Is an 18 inch tube that receives sperm from the epididymis

Vas Deferens

Sperm are stored her for several weeks


Male sex organ used for reproduction and urination


Passage of semen from the penis and is a result of a series of muscular contractions


Sac-like pouch that holds the testes and helps regulate their temperature


Two small glands that secrete a fluid rich in sugar that nourishes and helps sperm move

Seminal Vesicles

Is common in males after the age of 50

Prostate Cancer

When part of the intestines pushes through a weak spot in the wall near the scrotum

Inguinal Hernia

Male reproductive glands that produce sperm and testosterone


Surgical removal of the foreskin from the penis


Gland that produces fluid to help keep the sperm alive

Prostate Gland

Process that occurs when a penis swells with blood and elongates


Is common in males between the ages of 15-34

Testicular Cancer

Two small glands that secretes a clear, lubricating fluid into the urethra

Cowper's Gland

The fluid that contains sperm and fluids from the seminal vesicles, prostate gland, and cowper's gland


This is located above the testes where sperm mature and gain the ability to move


Located near the bladder and is connected to the vas deferens

Seminal Vesicles

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