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Kohlberg's stages of moral development

How many levels of kohlbergs stages of development are there?
6 levels
What is the first stage called?
Pre- Conventional
What is the second stage called?
what is the last stage called?
Post- conventional
At what part of their life do most people go through pre- converntional stages?
At what part of their life do most people go through conventional?
Late childhood/ early adolescence
At what part of their life (if at all) do most people hit post - conventional
late adolescence/adulthood (if at all)
1st level?
Avoiding punishment
2nd level?
individualism and exchange
3rd level?
Good interpersonal relationships
4th level?
maintaining social order
5th level
Individual rights and social contract
6th level
Universal priniciples
Who are the only two people to have reached universal priniciples?
Ghandi and MLK jr.
Who was lawerence Kohlberg?
He developed Kohlberg's 6 stages of moral development