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  1. Pyramid
  2. Regular Polyhedron
  3. Equilateral Triangle
  4. Circle
  5. Polyhedron
  1. a A polyhedron whose base is a polygon ad whose faces are triangles that have a common vertex. That common vertex is called the apex of the pyramid.
  2. b All the sides of the triangle are equal in length
  3. c An infinite number of points connected around an equal distance from a middle point`
  4. d (The plural is polyhedra) A three dimensional object whose surfaces are composed of polygonal regions (faces, verices, edges)
  5. e A convex polyhedron in which the faces are congruent regular polygons and in which the number of edges that meet at each vertex are the same.

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  1. is defined in a manner similar to that used in defining a convex polygon
  2. Quadrilateral with 2 pairs of adjacent congruent sides, with perpendicular diagnals
  3. A quadrilateral, all 4 sides the same length
  4. is defined in a manner similar to that used in defining a convex polygon
  5. Quadrilateral in which the opposite sides are parallel

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  1. CylinderA simple closed surface that is bounded by two congruent simple closed surfaces that lie in the parallel plane


  2. Trapezoid hdQuadrilateral in which exactly 1 pair of parallel sides


  3. Isosceles TriangleA triangle with at least 2 congruent sides


  4. SphereThe set of all points in a three dimensional space that are the same distance from a fixed point, called the center


  5. prisma polyhedron that has two parallel faces that are congruent. These 2 faces are called the bases of the prism. The other faces of the prism are called the lateral faces. (right prism, oblique prism)