DOG week 25 and 26

Gulf of Sidra
Find the name of the gulf located just north of Libya's coast.
Atlantic Ocean
Does Uruguay border the Atlantic or the Pacific Ocean?
What continent is southeast of the United States and across the Atlantic Ocean?
Toronto Blue Jays
Which baseball team plays its home games in a foreign country: Pittsburgh Pirates, Texas Rangers, Toronto Blue Jays, New York Yankees?
On what continent is China located?
Apennines Mountain
What is the name of the long mountain range located on the Italian peninsula?
1,100 miles
One inch on a map equals 300 miles. It is 3 2/3 inches from El Paso, Texas to Bismarck, North Dakota. How many miles would this be?
Which country has a longer coastline, Cuba or Jamaica?
Nile River-Africa Amazon River-South America Huang Ho-Asia Mississippi River-North America
The following four rivers are among the longest in the world: (1) Nile (2) Amazon (3) Huang Ho (4) Mississippi. To which continent does each belong?
What parallel divides the Earth into two equal parts?
That the distance between two points on a map represents the actual distance on the earth.
What does it mean when a map is drawn to scale?
Which South American country has the longest coastline along the Atlantic Ocean?
Pacific Ocean
In what ocean is Japan located?
9 countries
How many South American countries are located on or below the equator?
Which part of the United States has higher elevations, the southeast or the northwest?