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deposit (v.)
Put money into an account
withdraw (v.)
Remove money from an account.
transaction (n.)
a business interaction
credit (n.)
An arrangement to receive cash, goods, or services now and pay for them in the future.
borrow (v.)
to take money from a person or bank and agree to pay it back to them at a later time
bank account (n.)
a record of the amount of money a customer has deposited into or withdrawn from a bank
bank statement (n.)
A report of deposits, withdrawals, and bank balances sent by a bank
payroll (n.)
The total amount earned by all employees for a pay period
service fees (n.)
Account-related fees for customers, such as late fees and overdraft fees.
overdraft (n.)
A check written for more money than your account contains
endorse (v.)
write one's signature on the back of a cheque
withdrawal (n.)
the action of removing money from an account
safety deposit box (n.)
a secure box in a bank where customers can keep valuable objects.
money order (n.)
a written order for the payment of an amount of money to a named individual
client (n.)
A person using the services of a professional person or organization.
customer (n.)
A person or business to whom merchandise or services are sold
around the clock (idiom)
all day and all night
features (n.)
important parts of something
cheque (n.)
a written order directing a bank to pay money
transfer (v.)
to move from one account to another
fee waiver (n.)
You may not have to pay.
as many transactions as you want
overdraft protection
your checks will be covered even if you have insufficient funds in your checking account
the most possible
the smallest possible amount
the total amount of money in a bank account
direct deposit
An electronic deposit of a paycheck
foreign exchange
changing money from one currency to another
funds on hold
deposits that are delayed so that banks can "clear" them
purchase at merchant
using a bank debit card to buy something at a store

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