50 terms

Noches misteriosas, novice mid 2017


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Me encantan
I love
salió cantando
left singing
Fui a
I went to
yo vi
I saw
I visited
Me divertí
I had fun
Está esperando
is waiting
la tira
he throws it
Se cae
he falls
puede ayudar
he can help
Come todo
he eats it all
Le golpea
It hits him / She hits him
Hay una mesa con silla
there is a table with chair
vuele en el aire
flies in the air
le golpea en la cabeza
hits him on the head
No lo puede abrir
he cannot open it
le oye
he hears him
Sabe que
knows that
Empieza a correr
he begins to run
empezaron a hablar
they began to talk
No puede moverse
he cannot move
no ve
he does not see
se esconde
he hides
está esperando algo
is waiting for something
parece estar vació
it seems vacant
parece estar aburrido
he seems bored
mira su reloj
he looks at his watch
más fuerte
Casi golpea
almost hits
pero esta vez
but this time
Ha vivido
he has lived
toda la vida
his whole life
no hago nada
I don't do anything
le sale mucha sangre de la nariz
a lot of blood comes out of his nose
le permitieron salir
they allowed her/him to leave
me dijeron
they told me
Según el chisme
according to the gossip
Nunca ha visto
he has never seen
Para mirar
in order to see
Con quién podía casarse
with whom he could marry
Dijeron: No se permite salir
they said: leaving is not allowed
no vio nada
he didn't see anything
miró su reloj
looked at his watch
even though
lo golpea
hits it
le golpea
hits him
puedo ayudar
I can help
lo oye / la oye
he hears it